Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AstraZeneca's Scarlett S. waves goodbye.

As you may recall, after the AstraZeneca allegations revealed in April on Question Authority, Regional Oncology Sales Director Mike Zubillaga was terminated and his boss, National Sales Director Scarlett S. resigned. (Story here.)

In a Memorial Day voice message this weekend Scarlett informs her people of her successor, Eric Vogel: Listen here.


Anonymous said...

This is pure BS. As most things in big pharma Scarlet's leaving has been orchestrated to the last detail, her last message to her x team, introducing the next clown and wishing him and team success to the "next level" and so on.
Whether she was fired or left on her own, she played the orchestrated role perfectly and one is sure will continue her charmed life in the Bigpharmaland.

Anonymous said...

Frankly my dear, does anyone give a danm!