Thursday, May 31, 2007

PharmaGiles walks on water!

I got almost scared when I read this post. I mean, I thought I had written the whole thing, only that must've been in my dreams because I did not. I'm not PharmaGiles. I have no idea how he could write exactly what I was about to write but never did.

Here's a few samples:

"So I don’t think that I have an “unfavourable bias towards the industry” at all. I love it. It’s just that there’s a difference between the way that I love the industry and the way some of its cheerleaders do. I love the pharmaceutical industry in a grown-up way. I want it do well and I want it to do good. I despair when its leaders run it off the rails and into the mud, in much the same way as a parent despairs when a much-loved son or daughter starts “hanging out with the wrong crowd”."

"Pharma cheerleaders and their “Astroturf” blogs (the artificial ones with corporate backing, rather than genuine “grass-roots”) seem to love the industry in a different way. They appear to love it in the same completely uncritical way that a four year old loves their Mommy. Mommy provides security and comfort. Everything Mommy does is therefore wonderful and anyone who criticises Mommy must therefore be bad. Or, as they prefer to say, a disgruntled loser."


PharmaGuy said...

The link is broken!

Peter Rost said...

Thanks, fixed!

. said...

Wow, great revelation