Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monogram Bioscience investors had early warning.

Many Monogram Bioscience investor were mighty upset when I first revealed the maraviroc allegations on April 30.

That isn't surprising.

While maraviroc is too small to move Pfizer stock, Monogram Bioscience depends on the launch of maraviroc, so they can sell a blood test to determine if a patient falls into the category that should be treated with the Pfizer drug.

Almost a month has now passed with more revelations.

So what has happened with Monogram Bioscience stock?

Well, investors who sold after my first revelation have saved a bundle.

The stock has since experienced heavy selling pressure and dropped sharply on increasing volume.

Investors who didn't sell have so far lost about 20% of their money in less than a month.


The market has spoken.

And while a technical chart analysis would indicate that the stock is getting ready for an upside move, no one knows what will be revealed next week.

That's the downside with technical analysis.

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Anonymous said...

You see what happens.. you spend millions to save pennies. All Pfizer/HIV had to do was fix the dirty little secret known now as Art delete delete Rodriquez. Pfizer has spent million suring up Monogram who has been underpricing their product for months in anticipation of miraviroc. Pfizer will have to go to their rescue once again with a bailout. So lets see where we are at...Pfizer settles internal dispute cost? not much. Pfizer continues to sick a couple of hanfulds of lawyers on the HIV division in hopes of uncovering the spy cost? tens of thousands. Damage to the Pfizer HIV division cost? perhaps millions. Monogram bailout cost? millions. So Pfizer/HIV's inability to tackle what started out as an internal issue has escalated into what at first blush is a multi million dollar thanks Jane and friend...