Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm in the Kroll cross hairs . . .

The most famous international corporate spy agency is Kroll Inc.

And I'm in their cross hairs.

They do lots of things; one of them is "anticipating trends, concerns or evolving events which have the potential to substantially impact a corporation, business or organization and its stakeholders."

Kroll proudly states, "The intervention is followed by developing strategies designed to best position the corporation, deflect the concern or mitigate the consequences of the identified issue.

The key to effective issue management is managing the issue rather than reacting to it.
Reputation-damaging issues can arise at any point in the crisis continuum.

Early identification of an emerging issue which could mature into a crisis gives the organization more flexibility in its strategy to influence the direction the issue takes."

Finally, they give this advice: "issues which have matured into a problem for the organization can still be managed. This requires an intensive, clear-cut and multi-pronged strategy for intervention and satisfactory resolution of the issue with key stakeholder groups. It will involve the combined efforts of government relations, investor relations, marketing, brand, and product teams. (Rarely will a solution involve just media relations!)"

Of course, I'm used to detective agencies hired big pharma following me.

After all, anyone who's read my book "The Whistleblower" knows that Pharmacia did just that.

And . . . funny . . . as we're talking about Kroll . . . here they are AGAIN!

If anything strange happens to me, call Kroll!!!


Anonymous said...

Gee, and I thought they made those trendy couches! If anything happens to you, Peter, 325,000 - I believe - nurses have now organized under AFL-CIO. They too want to whistleblow and change a few things, apparently. One or two of them might come to rescue you!! It all started out with the California nurses, and some healthcare insurance issues. All of it is related to medicine in the U.S. Your interest, the healthcare insurance issues, even malpractice insurance issues. I wonder if Kroll will see a *trend*?? Oh, and on Anderson Cooper they have showcased, at least twice, the dumping of patients from the hospital on skid row, via ambulance delivery. We have the very best medical care in this here country!! The California nurses also have a nice set of videos going.

. said...

You rock CA NURSES! That is so interesting about KROLL