Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Don't miss these stories on Brandweek and Pharmalot!

Brandweek just posted some very interesting internal AstraZeneca documents. . . AZ Group of 7 Believe OIG Probe of Arimidex Marketing Is Stalled

And Pharmalot just published a must read post courtesy of the AstraZenca whistleblowers: The Nine Commandments Of Whistleblowing

You should definitely read both these posts!

Finally, Brandweek also published Hello, AZ Group of 7. Lawyers Would Like to Talk to You!

I have the response to that one from the AstraZeneca whistleblowers: Nope.

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Anonymous said...

When I read this piece I am not sure how anyone would know if it the investigation is stalled. My experience has been the OIG will not talk to you if you still work for the company unless you have the company lawyers present or you hire your own attorney. If you do neither the comapny and the OIG or will not give you any information regarding ongoing investigations. I have memos and emails to that fact and have been told by the company the matter is under investigation and I will not be informed about the outcome. I have come to know the company is very efficient at covering their tracks, laying off blame, and stalling forever. I also know unless you are directly involved in the process or have a source to tell you the course an inquiry is taking you may never know. It took many years for Serono to be brought to justice and we just need to see what has taken place with Pfizer, Lilly, or pick a name. It seems everyone has rights except the people trying to do the right thing....