Thursday, May 24, 2007

Question Authority Legal Disclaimer

As always when I become the host of a number of new law firms searching my blog, I try to remind them to carefully read my TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT AND PRIVACY POLICY.

There are nasty surprises in that agreement, so I specifically request AstraZeneca's law firm Arnold & Porter and Pfizer's law firm Davis, Polk & Wardwell to familiarize themselves with the terms of the agreement. Violations can become very costly, and both firms should have no doubt that I will enforce those terms to the full extent permitted by applicable law.

Having said that, I now welcome our new legal readers who get paid $750 per hour to read my humble blog.

Perhaps this is also a good time to remind everyone that this blog is written with a smile, for your enjoyment. (At least I'm having fun.)

But during all that fun, don't forget that any company or person mentioned on this blog is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Please also note that the Department of Justice has brought very few criminal cases against any individuals in the drug industry, and when they have done so they have often lost and ended up with lots of eggs on their faces.

Meanwhile, many of those drug companies have paid hundreds of millions in fines and settlements with the DOJ.

Defense lawyers explain this with the fact that if a company was found guilty, the government could do an "Arthur Andersen" on them. That means the government could stop doing business with them and they'd go belly up. So the defense attorneys claim the drug companies really don't have choice but to settle, since losing could make them go bankrupt.

Others claim the whole thing is just a shell game, meant to pacify the masses and make us believe there's justice, where the drug companies pay a pittance and are let off the hook more often than they are made to pay up.

Pick the flavor you prefer.

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