Saturday, September 30, 2006

Londres en Amoureux

This is an ad on the subway in Paris. Bet ya they wouldn't run it in New York. And if you want the full text, here is how Google translates the French web copy for this "offer":

One made romantic weekend of flowers, rock'n'roll, hot nights, and for only 100 € A/R for two… It is in London, it is in Eurostar, and it is now!

Truths in love prefer London: the enivrante odor of flowers of printed Liberty, the heads with heads with the top of a plate of beans, the confidences intimate to the shade of a sound system, transfered shopping in the sexy shops… London with two, there is for all the tastes. And if you want rejouer “Thunderbolt in Notting Hill” there is yourselves always trott them on the Thames, the smart restaurants and cosy of Picadilly and crown jewels!

London for 100 € A/R: offer subjected to conditions. On sale of September 26 to October 22, 2006 for voyages from October 10 to November 30, 2006 in standard class. Tariff available 14 days before the departure, with the proviso of travelling together to go it as to the return. Valid offer from 2 to 9 people, at a rate of 50 € A/R per anybody additional.

News tip: Swallow, by Petite Anglais

She is funny . . .

Friday, September 29, 2006

What does the sales ranking on Amazon mean?

Here's a section from "What Amazon Sales Ranks Mean."

Nobody outside of Amazon knows EXACTLY how many copies of a given title are sold in a given time period, and since ranks are relative to each other, it's a constantly moving target. . . Read an average rank of 1,000 to mean you have a seriously successful title, an average rank of 10,000 to mean your doing pretty good for a book that's no bestseller, an average rank of 100,000 to mean it's not going to contribute significantly to your income, and an average rank of 1,000,000 to mean you only need to check a couple times a year to computer the average rank.

To check most recent sales ranking for "The Whisleblower," go here.

"Pfizer Cuts Marketing Execs, Not Marketing"

Pfizer Cuts Marketing Execs, Not Marketing
September 29, 2006

By Jim Edwards

NEW YORK -- Things at Pfizer are likely to get smaller, faster and more efficient, according to CEO Jeffrey Kindler and vice chairman David Shedlarz.

The pruning shears already appear to be at work in the company's marketing offices. Four senior executives were reported this week to have left the company: Greg Duncan, head of Pfizer’s Latin America operations; Julie Fisher, a vp-group leader/head of neuroscience therapeutics; Neil Levine, senior director/group leader for ophthalmology and endocrine care; and Theresa Natalicchio, vp/head of arthritis, according to Medical Marketing & Media.

Pfizer did not confirm or deny the departures Thursday. In a statement, company rep Paul Fitzhenry said, "We're making decisions across the company . . . Pfizer will become more cost-efficient and cost-effective by reducing organizational layers to speed decision-making."

Two other execs with marketing responsibilities have left since Kindler was named CEO in July. Pat Kelly, president of U.S. pharmaceuticals, and Karen Katen, a vice chairman, departed shortly after Katen was bypassed for the CEO job vacated by Hank McKinnell.

Fitzhenry said management cuts would not mean reduced marketing budgets. Pfizer this year is launching Exubera, a diabetes treatment; Chantix, a smoking-cessation product; and Sutent, a kidney-cancer drug. "Those three are important launches," Fitzhenry said.

At a Bank of America investment conference Sept. 20, Kindler told the audience, "We're moving more quickly, taking risks . . . we're adopting the spirit of a small company, the entrepreneurial, agile culture that characterizes a small enterprise. The changes in our management team . . . are part of a larger undertaking that will make our company more nimble and entrepreneurial and therefore more likely to win."

At a UBS Global Life Sciences Conference on Sept. 26 in New York, Shedlarz stated, "Jeff's announcement of his new management team . . . illustrates his commitment to eliminating bureaucracy and speeding decision-making in our company. Pfizer is creating a flatter organization to accelerate decision-making."

My CNN Interview: "The Whistleblower" and Cheerleader drug reps

For more information go here.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Breakup over my CNN appearance . . .

This is a real conversation which I’m publishing with permission and changed “pen names.”

----Original Message Follows----
Subject: just saw you on Glenn Beck
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 17:04:28 -0700

This might sound kind of odd, but I just met a gal who is a Pharm Rep... Should I be wary of her? She's very attractive. Should I believe that they're all whores for doctors' money?
Hunky Guy

Peter Rost wrote:
No, enjoy your good fortune. She probably works very hard. Nothing wrong with being pretty.


----Original Message Follows----
To: Peter Rost
Subject: Re: just saw you on Glenn Beck
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 19:45:12 -0700

Sorry Mr. Rost,
This chick is one of your former cheerleader bimbos you talk about, had to let her go.. If you want a chuckle, read this conversation below... You see I had a friend who used to be a Pharm Rep, another beautiful blonde.. She told me to be careful of any woman I meet that is in that business as a lot of them are dirty. Well, I asked this new girl if she was one of the dirty ones and she got all bent out of shape about it... then today I mentioned the Glenn Beck show and your book and she really got upset.. Won't talk about her job or anything. I believed her several days ago when she said she wasn't one of "those girls" but her complete lack of opening up anything about her job shoved me the wrong way (whether she's a whore or not) She's obviously pissed that I know what goes on.. I would have stopped talking to her anyways because of how uninteresting she is when we talk.. She can't hold any decent conversations (we met online) Anyways, here's a laugh for you:

Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:33:19 PM): hey watch the rest of Glenn Beck, he's got a segment coming up about the healthcare industry, it's on
CNN headline news, (REDACTED on cox)
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:38:11 PM): I may get this fellow's book
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:41:21 PM): which book?
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:41:42 PM): Whistleblower
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:41:51 PM): oh ok
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:42:15 PM): here read this
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:43:12 PM):
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:45:28 PM): here's Rost's blog
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:45:28 PM):
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:45:38 PM): reading
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:47:35 PM): Do you just not respect my profession?
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:47:52 PM): no no, not that at all
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:49:14 PM): I only brought this up today because I know it was wrong of me to ask the way I did about your job, but at least I wasn't off the mark when I asked about your job based on what was told to me by my friend... and now made public by this former higher up with Pfizer about some of the things that go on in your profession... Not saying you're one of them at all..
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:49:43 PM): so this was your way of proving your point
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:50:54 PM): well I admit it was wrong to ask when, and how I did and I apologized for that.. but you made me feel like a really bad guy for asking a reasonable question, just not asked in the best of ways
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:51:15 PM): You say you're not one of those women, and I believe you 100%
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:51:26 PM): but you keep bringing this up
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:52:38 PM): well it just happened to be on the real story segment of Beck's show tonight.. and it was our topic of discussion a few days ago too
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:52:44 PM): and
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:52:48 PM): I wanted your opinion
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:53:07 PM): what do you think about what he says?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:53:48 PM): Thank you for the links
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:53:52 PM): have a great night
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:54:15 PM): excuse me?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:54:35 PM): what didnt you understand?
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:54:49 PM): well i was asking you a question
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:54:53 PM): and you said "have a great night"
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:54:58 PM): yes and
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:55:47 PM): well I wanted to know what you
thought. Do you think that a lot, very few, or no doctors write
unnecessary prescriptions so their "cute rep" gets a commission?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:56:15 PM): I am not in the exam rooms when scripts are being written
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:56:28 PM): I understand that
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:56:34 PM): so, I can not comment
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:57:13 PM): okay
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:57:37 PM): okay
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:57:51 PM): have a great night
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 6:58:09 PM): you leaving?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 6:58:18 PM): this conversation, yes
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:00:17 PM): you know, I don't know what's with this chip you have on your shoulder but it's not really nice.. My question was not without foundation... A good friend of mine in your business told me that there's a lot of dirty women in it.. And now this former Pfizer exec comes out with this book talking about the industry and what goes on.. You work in the industry... You don't exactly have the right to be pissy about someone trying to have a reasonable conversation
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:00:49 PM): I told you I believed you 100%
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:00:51 PM): I am not pissy
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:00:59 PM): yet you still have this attitude about discussing it
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:01:06 PM): I dont wish to have this conversation with you
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:01:10 PM): why?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:01:10 PM): period
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:01:18 PM): it's your job
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:01:20 PM): call your "friend" and have it with her
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:01:30 PM): are you ashamed of your career or something? why can't you talk about it?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:01:50 PM): I am definitely not ashamed
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:01:54 PM): I am great at what I do
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:02:00 PM): then what is the issue?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:02:15 PM): no issue......I just do not wish to discuss this with you
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:02:44 PM): I do not discuss my work, outside of work
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:03:50 PM): are you ashamed of the company you work for? there's got to be something... People do not pick careers and then say nothing about them, unless they're CIA or something top secret.. It's an interesting subject, health care is a big deal in this country,,, why don't you want to discuss it at all?
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:04:44 PM): so every man you meet can't know anything about your job , or just me
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:05:15 PM): Hunky Guy, from the beginning you apprached me wrong about my job
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:05:19 PM): approached
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:06:04 PM): I approached you with what knowledge I had, and I didn't accuse, or judge..I asked... obviously not in the best way, but I did ask.. and my question not unfounded either
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:06:28 PM): you didn't say "yeah there are a lot of dirty women in this job, but I'm not one of them"
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:06:32 PM): you got mad that I even asked
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:06:41 PM): it was a rude question
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:07:14 PM): You can spin this however you wish
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:07:18 PM): answer this, please
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:07:26 PM): republican or democrat?
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:07:58 PM): what spin??? a major former pharmeceutical exec just wrote a book called Whistleblower exposing the industry,, is he lying? I'm just asking, I don't know
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:08:04 PM): I'm not registered as either
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:08:06 PM): no
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:08:14 PM): spin my answers
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:09:09 PM): I don't spin your answers, you dont' give any answers, that is what is frustrating... i ask your opinion and you say have a great night,, what spin?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:09:28 PM): Just go away, seriously
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:10:52 PM): no I'm not going to go away, you tell me I spin your answers, WHAT answers? You haven't answered... If you're so damn ashamed of your job, pick another field,, You're totally insecure, No one I've ever met in my life is ashamed to discuss their line of work
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:11:06 PM): I am not ashamed
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:11:09 PM): yes you are
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:11:12 PM): it's obvious
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:11:14 PM): NO
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:11:20 PM): you won't even answer simple questions
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:11:28 PM): I am not discussing my job with a narrow minded little boy
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:12:03 PM): narrowminded little boy? how am I narrowminded? narrowminded would have been labeling you a pharm rep whore no matter what you said about it
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:12:12 PM): which I did not
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:12:15 PM): you tried from the start
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:12:18 PM): I never did
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:12:19 PM): I asked
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:13:31 PM): condemn a guy for asking a reasonble question
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:15:02 PM): "hey're hiring loads of attractive women, including lots of former Cheerleaders, as sales reps." and I'm not allowed to ask a question? come on.... you can't even admit that there are people in your line of work (both men and women) that substantiate what this man says
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:15:19 PM): I told you I believed you, apparently my word is not good enough
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:15:23 PM): I dont really care about the other people
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:15:26 PM): I am me not them
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:15:34 PM): thats the point
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:15:49 PM): and quite frankly, I dont care what you think
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:15:54 PM): yes, that is the point, but when I asked, I did not KNOW you
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:15:59 PM): which is WHY I asked
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:16:05 PM): You still dont know me
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:16:12 PM): and at this rate, you never will
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:16:38 PM): yeah no kidding, you won't open up, at all
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:16:58 PM): You dont make me feel comfortable to open up to you
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:17:42 PM): why not?
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:18:13 PM): because I think? because I ask questions?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:18:17 PM): no
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:18:20 PM): well, why?
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:18:21 PM): its not that
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:18:29 PM): I've opened up to you
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:18:36 PM): even though you hardly ask me anything
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:19:12 PM): that should be your clue
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:20:59 PM): if you don't want to know me, say so... but please, lose this chip on your shoulder about people asking about your job... You know, my good friend who used to have your job. She told me to be cautious of any woman I met in that line of work. All I was doing was being cautious when I asked you. Just like you're cautious about sending out your pictures
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:21:19 PM): If you can be cautious, so can I
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:21:25 PM): I didn't condemn you for not sending me pictures
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:21:37 PM): I showed you my pic
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:22:37 PM): I wanted to see full size pictures, not a tiny little square,, I showed picture after picture of me to you, as many as I have actually so you can see what I look like.... but I respected your being cautious because there are some people on the net that are nuts...
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:22:48 PM): yet, you can't respect my being cautious
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:23:00 PM): apples and oranges
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:24:16 PM): no, not at all... again, my close friend whom I trust told me to be cautious of any women I met that are pharmaceutical reps... So I was blunt, and asked you
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:24:32 PM): you were more than bunt, you were rude
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:25:15 PM): I admit it was rude, I could have asked in a not so rude way.. but what I won't admit to is wanting to know
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:25:38 PM): i was heeding her advice
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:25:41 PM): that's what friends DO
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:25:54 PM): Look, go away
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:26:09 PM): You are remnding me of a little boy
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:26:12 PM): reminding
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:26:32 PM): you're reminding me of the pretty girl that has so much insecurity that nothing else matters
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:26:34 PM): I'm not a little boy
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:26:42 PM): I am not insecure
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:26:47 PM): you are TOTALLY insecure
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:26:50 PM): I am not
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:26:59 PM): show this conversation to any psychotherapist and see what they say
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:27:14 PM): You are so out in left field
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:27:27 PM): Once again, I see why you are single
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:27:56 PM): and I see why you're a pharm rep
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:27:57 PM): all looks
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:27:58 PM): no brains
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:28:00 PM): totally insecure
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:28:01 PM): bye.
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:28:21 PM): Little boy still living at home...big girl
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:28:42 PM): I live at home because I choose to live at home. I am building a business, a family business from the ground up
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:28:44 PM): I'm not ashamed of my job
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:28:47 PM): nor my living situation
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:28:49 PM): nor my family
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:29:01 PM): the country is built on small businesses
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:29:08 PM): Good for you..I hope your mommy keeps you warm at night
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:29:40 PM): that's real mature,, now who is the little girl,,
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:29:43 PM): former cheerleader
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:29:48 PM): now a pharm rep
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:29:52 PM): just like Rost says
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:29:59 PM): you're part of the problem
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:08 PM): jsut dont' have the backbone to admit it.
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:11 PM): your job is useless
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:16 PM): and you get paid lots of moeny for it
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:30:23 PM): dont be jealous
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:31 PM): I'm not jealous
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:30:37 PM): sounds like it
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:39 PM): there are men in your business too
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:43 PM): I'm not one of them
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:30:52 PM): bimbos and mimbos
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:31:01 PM): all looks no brains, when confronted, they run away
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:31:13 PM): or resort to insults
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:31:44 PM): what a shame... well take care.. I may be single, but I have integrity
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:31:46 PM): bye now
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:32:20 PM): go on and contribute to the healthcare problem
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:32:41 PM): Rost says that in other countries you have to be a medical professional in order to be a drug rep
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:32:45 PM): bye bye little boy
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:32:46 PM): here it's former cheerleaders
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:32:54 PM): but i'm the crazy one right
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:32:57 PM): I didn't write the book
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:33:24 PM): you're the one that has to live with it, not me...perhaps this book will end your stupid job
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:33:30 PM): I will try and spread the word about it
Cheerleader Drug Rep (9/28/2006 7:33:49 PM): Such an angry boy
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:34:37 PM): i'm not angry, I just have the real story now...all makes sense why you can't talk about the job.. you're pissed that I already know all about it.... and will find out lots more about it when I read Rost's book
Hunky Guy C (9/28/2006 7:34:54 PM): c ya

Peter Rost wrote:
Oh, wow. This was, so . . . interesting . . . hm. Should I use this in a blog? Would you mind? NOt sure yet, but this was an unusual exchange and everyone is anonymous . . .

----Original Message Follows----
To: Peter Rost>
Subject: Re: just saw you on Glenn Beck
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 20:22:33 -0700

haha Yes! use it in the blog but do change the names and references to locations (i.e. REDACTED on Cox)..

You blew the whistle and she didn't like it apparently.. She told me she just got out of a 4 year relationship with none other than, A DOCTOR haha... Maybe he stopped buying her products eh? I just couldn't believe when I heard Beck say "former cheerleader" and this girl just happened to be one... Give me a link to the Blog once you post it...
Hunky Guy

So I guess I just used it. I just changed the “pen names” a bit.

"Love him, hate him, or scratch your head in perplexity - he’s got some steel in his spine."


Pages: The Whistleblower

Dr. Peter Rost recently released this book, subtitled “Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.” The Whistleblower describes his experience as a pharmaceutical executive with three different companies (Wyeth, Pharmacia, and Pfizer), focusing on some questionable practices that went on behind the scenes, and his efforts to cope with the legal and professional ramifications.

It’s engaging reading, and disturbing at the same time, with the expected doses of corporate intrigue, dirty tricks, legal maneuvering, etc. As I mentioned in a recent post, the pharma industry has no corner on the market of either virtue or vice, and there is certainly some unsavory stuff revealed in these pages. However, while reading it, the quiet voice of experience continued to remind me, chapter by chapter, that “there are two sides to every story.” This book is one side.

Pfizer managed - twice - to acquire companies (Warner-Lambert and Pharmacia) that had some dubious marketing skeletons in their closets. Dr. Rost was in the process of trying to get Pharmacia to clean up its act in his franchise (Genotropin) when the acquistion occurred, and the subsequent problems unfolded when Pfizer inherited the legacy issues (and people) surrounding this franchise. How all of this was handled and mishandled is the focus of this book.

Dr. Rost is evidently a man of no small ego, from what I can gather out of this book and his blog - not always a bad trait, as those with a strong ego drive often are the ones who persevere to accomplish big things. And I will give the man this - he’s got guts. He put it out on the line personally and professionally, when he thought there was wrongdoing. Love him, hate him, or scratch your head in perplexity - he’s got some steel in his spine.

Of course, it is impossible to verify the veracity of everything contained in this - or any similar - book. However, The Whistleblower does provide some clear warning signals, and if its end result is to make corporations tread more carefully and transparently, then perhaps good will come of it.

Steve Woodruff is Founder and Principal Consultant of Impactiviti. Steve has a decade of experience consulting with numerous pharmaceutical clients on training and marketing solutions, including technology platforms and global applications. Having consulted on the design and implementation of many types of learning initiatives, (virtual universities, pre-launch training, printed modules, on-line tutorials, product portals, assessments, webcasts, etc.), for a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, Steve brings a broad perspective to clients as new training activities are planned.

"The Whistleblower" on CNN/Headline News

I'll be on the Glenn Beck show on CNN/Headline News tonight, September 28, at 7 pm, 9pm and 12 midnight.

We'll talk about "The Whistleblower," and hopefully any interesting letter Pfizer sends off to the show to demonstrate how well they are "not monitoring" me.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

De-motivational presentation . . .

Here's the real motivational presentation, the one that doesn't lie to you and the one you'd never see inside a big corporation.

Sample image:


Click here to see full presentation.

Pfizer employees: Do I really resemble Jim Carrey in "The Mask"?

Recently I received an absolutely amazing e-mail from a Pfizer employee. And the attachment he sent was even more unusual; an internal "faux newsletter" mocking the company and spread throughout Pfizer.

And, in a mock interview with me, on the last page, this newsletter used a picture of Jim Carrey in the Mask. I can only take that as a compliment. After all, he was pretty fast on his feet . . .

Below are links to the newsletter (you HAVE to read this!) and then the email:

Click here to download Pfizer newsletter in pdf. (Free Acrobat reader here).

The e-mail from the Pfizer employee:

About this time last year, Pfizer were pursuing an exercise called "Adapting to Scale" (i.e, cost-saving by firing employees and closing sites). A huge corporate spin-doctoring programme was launched to convince we humble employees that ATS was a good thing for everyone, with lots of glossy pamphlets and a deluge of smug e-mail, none of which of course had any actual meaningful or informative content.

You might remember some of it.

Anyway, some naughty person (or people) took it upon themselves to spread around a little parody of the "ATS newsletter", by strategically-placed hard copies left around in various places on various sites. This apparently drove corporate security nuts because without an e-mail trail, they couldn't nail anyone. Rumor has it several folk were frog-marched to security bunkers and interrogated about the origins of the fake newsletter, as apparently several of the very top guys had seen it and didn't like it, presumably as it was all too close to the truth.

All the secret police activity did was to prompt a second edition. Don't know if you saw it as it was out about the same time you were. In fact, I now wonder if you wrote it all.

But in case you didn't, I've PDF-ed my cherished copy of volume two and attached it. I've been meaning to send it for a while - your post showing Pfizer's latest letter to your brief finally convinced me I should. It may be nearly a year old but much of its content has proved to be strangely prophetic.

Please don't mention my tag or track me down as I still owe my living to the Evil Empire and their arm is long. But as this little publication mentions your name several times, I thought it only fair you see it if you haven't already.

I'd never heard of you until I saw this AtS rip-off, but I've been quietly following your activities ever since.

There's a lot of long-serving folk here at the Evil Empire who hope that you can make life as uncomfortable as possible for the current clutch of jargon-spewing corporate arrivistes we have as senior management.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What else do they keep from us?

Latest Newsweek cover in different regions. News tip PharmaGossip and Think Progress.

Computer Hacker

I had an interesting day today.

After I started my computer I discovered that I couldn't access certain web sites. Not just any web sites. My browser wouldn't allow me to open my own blog and it wouldn't allow me "backstage" to post new comments.

It also wouldn't allow me to enter Cafe Pharma.

Interesting, don't you think?

Turns out someone I trust yesterday forwarded an email from someone I don't trust.

Very interesting. Me thinks. May not mean anthing. But could mean a lot.

So guys, it worked. But only this time. (If this blog stays silent several days, go to PharmaGossip. He'll tell you what's up.


Letter from "Whistleblower" reader

Of course, after having worked so long to get a book out, it is great to get feed-back . . . so I was delighted to get the following letter.

Dr. Rost,

I purchased your book on Friday. It's a great read and very valuable information for me. I blew the whistle early this year on the Laboratory for which I worked. I too took a similar road, as I notified the company first. I resigned at the end of May because I just couldn't take the harassment. I guess I'm not as tough as you. I was also a little lower down the food chain. I break out in constant hives, but at least I sleep better at night. I could have stayed, but at what price? My integrity, my health and my marriage were not worth the cost.

FYI the Lab industry is as bad, if not worse than Pharma. I worked in Pharma for 10 years and left because of many of the ethics issues. I was shocked at what Labs do! I have watched a number of good people get fired as result of questioning their practices. Your information on the Criminal Code on pg 92 might be very helpful to them. I've told them all to buy your book and take a copy to their lawyer.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate! We can only facilitate change in the industry and regain respect for it, when more people follow your lead. You are setting a great example for your children. They are fortunate to have you as their father.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Pfizer Employee Review of "The Whistleblower"

We have the second review on Amazon of "The Whistleblower," by a Pfizer employee. Go here if you like the review and click "yes."

A Thrilling Read, September 25, 2006
Reviewer: Left Out (San Francisco, CA USA) - See all my reviews

Pfizer: Hypocrisy is Our Life's Work

As a Pfizer employee, I am extremely upset by the facts laid out in Dr. Rost's book 'The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.' I had previously `drank the Pfizer blue kool-aid.' An example: Pfizer has a number of 'values' and 'leader behaviors' printed on expensive, colorful posters and on cardboard mobiles which hang throughout the hallways of it's skyscrapers and campus buildings. To think these values and leader behaviors are just for the little people--the rank and file worker--and that top Pfizer executives and management who strive to be promoted to the executive ranks are above ethical behavior will forever change how I view Pfizer. Pfizer's corporate tag line is "Life is our life's work." After reading Dr. Rost's book, they ought to scratch out the word `life' and add the word `hypocrisy' in there somewhere. If Dr. Rost's thrilling new book is true, I'm thoroughly disgusted by Pfizer's behavior towards honest employees.

The New Iraq

It was too long since I posted something political. Sorry about that. Here we go.

Hewlett-Packard Spy Scandal and Pfizer's Detectives

It has been amazing to follow the Hewlett-Packard Spy Scandal. Here we have a large company caught with their pants down hiring people to impersonate employees, board members and journalists to gain access to phone records of 240 individuals. They tried to plant spyware on journalist's computers to monitor what the reporters did and they discussed infiltrating news rooms with clandestine cleaning personnel, KGB style.

Of course I'm paying close attenention to this situation, based on my own experience. Those of you who have read “The Whistleblower—Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman,” know that Pfizer’s Pharmacia division hired a private investigator to monitor me.

The investigation took place after I had advised a company attorney of allegations of numerous illegal acts within the Genotropin growth hormone franchise. These allegations later resulted in a criminal grand jury investigation.

And of course, Pfizer recently requested “Confidential” designation of all documents related to the detective investigation.

As part of the ongoing litigation against Pfizer, we have asked the company to provide any and all documents that describe the company’s surveillance or monitoring of my activities. Unfortunately, Pfizer has produced far fewer of the original detective documents described in “The Whistleblower” than we already had, so they are either not forthcoming, or they have destroyed documents.

In fact, Pfizer says in court documents that defendants, “object to this document request because it is vague and ambiguous to the extent that it uses the words ‘surveillance’ and ‘monitoring’ to presuppose conduct that is not present in this case.”

For Pfizer to claim that their surveillance of me ‘is not present’ is perplexing. After all, Pfizer sends letters to organizers of my public appearances, before I show up and Pfizer and their lawyers monitor this personal blog every day. Of course we want to know what else is going on.

In the end, perhaps Pfizer’s reluctance to produce relevant documents is not be surprising considering that this company was recently forced to pay $430 million to resolve criminal & civil health care liability relating to off-label promotion.

And for those of you who want to read about the company detectivies, here are a few pages from my book:


Friday, September 22, 2006

Pfizer's message board on Cafe Pharma turning into a riot!

OK, OK, I give up. I have to post some of the stuff they post over at Pfizer's message board on Cafe Pharma. If this continues there will be some deep, deep soul searching over at Pfizer's PR department.

We now have another, very talented writer, rebutting the earlier anti-Rost posts (which I duly reported and quoted for you), and here that one is. And we appear to have quite a few of my dearest readers also posting on Cafe Pharma. I guess the Pfizer people truly don't know what they're in for . . .

Cafe Pharma is turning into a riot!

Jeff Kindler looked out from his rostrum overlooking the crowded auditorium that was hidden deep within the underground corporate security and counter-espionage bunker at Pfizer’s New York Headquarters.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, commanding the attention of the hundreds of assembled briefs and corporate security analysts. “Thanks for sparing the time to come along. I guess you all know why we’re here today”.

“Because we’d be fired if we didn’t turn up?” ventured a voice from the back of the auditorium, prompting a small ripple of laughter from the audience.

“Remove that asshole” snapped Kindler to the two burly uniformed Security guards at the front of the stage, pointing in the direction of the dissident so as to narrow down the options on the asshole front. “That’s the sort of wiseacre comment I’d expect from Rost”.

The mention of Pfizer’s arch-nemesis silenced the audience as the heckler was dragged away by the Guards.

“Now as you all know,” continued Kindler, “Peter Rost has been generating a considerable amount of adverse publicity for the company since my predecessor fired him last November for daring to publicly criticise his book “A Call To Action..”

Behind Kindler, an image of a handsome, tanned, silver haired, distinguished-looking man flashed onto the vast presentation screen. “Not only has Rost been slating us in his blog for the last two years, but he’s also….”

“Er, Jeff?” ventured a small voice near the front of the audience.


“Rost’s only been blogging for about five months. The two year thing is only what we told the Court when we tried to block the book..”

“Ah. Right. Thanks Ron. Of course. I stand corrected. Anyway, on top of the blog, Rost has now written a book about the way we treated him, which shows every sign of being a best-seller. Hank’s particularly pissed about that, given the mediocre sales of his own book.”

“I thought Rost was fired for taking a non-corporate stance on drug re-importation issues and ratting us out to the FDA about our off-label selling of Genotropin…” continued

“No no. That’s just business. The book thing was personal”.

A murmur of understanding passed around the auditorium.

“Anyway, things have now got out of hand. Thanks to you idiots…” snarled Kindler, gesturing at the entire right-hand side of the auditorium where a shame-faced collection of corporate legal advisors and lawyers were seated, “…we have another Jamie Read situation on our hands. Why do you dorks have to issue writs and injunction every time an ex-employee makes a goddamn blog posting, or appears on some obscure radio chat show that no-one’s ever heard of until you guys give it publicity? Don’t you ever learn?”

“Er, we’ve just been following your lead, Jeff...” muttered one of the corporate ex-CIA spooks.

“Silence, asshole!” bellowed Kindler, waving to the uniformed Security Guards once more. “Pfizer doesn’t pay $300 an hour for sheep. I know blind obedience to senior management rather than innovation has been the way in the past, but I’m in charge now. Things are gonna change!”

Gasps and an occasional suppressed bleat arose from the audience.

“Great idea, Jeff,” said a small, anonymous-looking man seated on the stage next to Kindler.

“Thanks Dave. That’s the sort of inspirational feedback this company needs. Anyway, you’ve all been working on the Rost case,” he continued, looking across the serried ranks, “and all you’ve succeeded in doing is making a celebrity out of the guy. He’s taken every writ, every injunction, published them and made a laughing stock out of us. So I’ve decided that we need to take a fresh approach…”

“Great idea, Jeff,” said the small, anonymous-looking man seated next to Kindler.

“Thanks Dave. Good work. Have another Global Division to run. As I was saying, Rost has been running rings around you clowns. And it suddenly occurred to me that as you lot are clowns, what we should be developing and utilising is a sense of humor…”

Gasps arose from the audience. “Shame, shame,” said one or two of the braver members.

“Yes, yes, I know the concept of a sense of humor is anathema to you guys, but that’s the underlying weapon that Peter Rost has been using against us all along. He knows that, deep down, the one thing we really don’t like is being laughed at. So we’re going to turn the tables on him…”

Kindler paused and looked down at the small, anonymous-looking man seated next to him. “Hey, I didn’t get a “great idea” out of you”, he growled. “You’d better watch your ass, Dave. Remember what happened to Karen….”

“Great idea, Jeff,” said the small, anonymous-looking man hurriedly, swallowing nervously.

“Thanks for your support, Dave. Yes, what we are going to do to Peter Rost is exactly what he’s been doing to us. We’re going to satirise him. We’re going to flood every Pharma blog, every open opinion forum and every on-line book channel with anti-Rost propaganda. We’re going to depict him as a hopeless, lonely, pathetic, whiny dweeb. We’re also going to cut down on his Internet book sales and blog hits.”

“Er, Jeff…” said a legal type in the audience. “I know it doesn’t normally worry Pfizer as we can “leverage our scale”, but that kind of Internet Piracy thing is illegal…”

“Idiot! Moron!” thundered Kindler. “Ninety percent of Rost’s blog traffic and book sales are from Pfizer’s legal division or other Pfizer employees! I’ve already ordered our IT department to block access to Rost’s blog and to Amazon’s web site from Pfizer PCs. It’s perfectly legal. And that’ll hurt him…”

“But we’re lawyers” said another member of the flock. “What you’re suggesting in terms of satire seems to involve an element of thought and invention…”

“Which is why you lot won’t be involved,” retorted Kindler. “I’ve decided to approach our middle management in R & D instead. They’re used to making things up and putting positive slants and outright lies into their performance appraisals and clinical trials results and such-like. Finding a few ambitious sycophants to write a bit of anti-Rost copy and put it out on the Net should be a breeze.”

Spontaneous applause gradually broke out from those quicker on the uptake.

“Rost is Toast…” boasted Kindler to his cheering audience…

100% removed from the truth? You decide. And no, anonymous I may be, but Peter Rost I am not.


Letter from a Pfizer employee

Dear Peter,

I just discovered your blog via, written by a German health care professional. He is writing on a lot of problems in medical and pharmaceutical areas, and actually has a very good view of things, as far as I am concerned.

He mentioned the whistleblower, so I just had a glance into your blog, and within some really short time I learnt more about this company than during the more than eleven years I am working for it.

Good thing, I just wanted to say, very good thing.

[Name deleted]

Wal-Mart selling generics for $4 per month . . .

Credit: PharmaGossip

Cafe Pharma

Things are going completely crazy over there. I won't put fuel on the fire so I won't quote.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Somebody over at Cafe Pharma appears close to a complete break-down . . .

In a post below I gave you a glimpse of what people write on Cafe Pharma when they don't like my book "The Whistleblower." I thought that was kind of the end of it.

It wasn't. I checked back today, and the person has continued to write.

Oh well, that means I don't have to come up with a post. Here is the continued story, as told by someone inside Pfizer. At least we think the person is inside Pfizer, since he/she seems to take all of this really personally.

Again, I apologize for all profanity, but this blog doesn't censor when quoting others:

Peter Rost:

[making a phone call, quickly punches in a phone number, glances quickly back to a flickering computer screen, pan across a dark, messy home office, the floor is covered with old printouts of Pfizer press releases, an old press photo of Fred Hassan marked up with doodles of targets, daggers, and pistols, a copy of “Girls Gone Wild, Swedish Edition”, an old nude photo of Mikael Olsson – focus on a dog-eared copy of Hank McKinnell’s “A Call To Action”]

Kristin Pulkkinen:

[hesitates, reaches for the phone, draws back, then reaches again and finally picks up, speaking gingerly]



“Hi Kristin, it’s Dr Rost calling”


[covers mouthpiece; rolls eyes, grimaces and silently mouths “FUCK!]

“Yes Peter”

“What do you want now?”


“ddddd don’t hang up! Kristin, just wait, please don’t hang up!”


“Peter, I’m this close to calling the cops. These calls HAVE got to stop.”

[mutters under her breath]

“Fucking Richard and Sarah”


“But Kristin, this whole thing is beginning to pick up – have you checked out our Amazon rank? Have you?!? We’re already up to #443. The press release worked… people care, they really care… they do!


[bored look on her face, walks across a small living room and stares out the window of a modest Brooklyn apartment]

“Look, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the book or your ridiculous press release, OK? And I really don’t care about Pfizer, or some dumb corporate lawyer who’s making an ass of himself in court. NOBODY CARES! Do you understand me? Look, Peter, it wasn’t my idea to publish your book… frankly, I don’t think it’s even worthy of being called “a book”… truth be told, it’s a goddamn manifesto, the work of a crazy person. You need help – you’re playing out some weird inferiority complex. I get it. Peter, I may have only gotten a B minus in psycho 101, but I know you’re not well…

You need help!”


[interrupts, stammering]

“Bbbb bu, bu, but Kristin, you’re like all the rest, you DON’T get it!”

“I’m important [now staring into a full length mirror on the back of a bathroom door, a picture of Jeffrey Wigand taped on one side, Russell Crowe on the other]

“I’m Dr. Peter Rost, the World’s most important whistleblower! Goddammit!” [now swinging to anger, face turning beet red]

“They should have given me a job… and now they’re going to pay! [a wild look comes onto Rost’s face, his eyes appear to glaze over, he seems to be entering a trance and he takes on the look of Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner telling the wedding guest his awful tale about killing the albatross]

“I’m gonna show Marie-Caroline who’s boss now… she’ ll regret all those condescending e-mails. You don’t AtS Rost and get away with it! They WILL be sorry they crossed Dr Peter Rost! This time, they fucked with the wrong guy! Didn’t count on the blog, did they? Didn’t count on my book? Didn’t think I would stay on the case and spend my own money on press releases… “

[continues a long, rambling rant alternating between crying and shouting in anger]


“O-KAY, that’s it. Good BYE Peter. Do not call back. The next time you call, I call the cops. Please, please, please, please seek therapy, OK?

Buh-bye now.”

[slams the phone down and picks it up quickly; aggressively punches in a new phone number, now very agitated]

“RICHARD! You motherfucker! Do you know who just called me for the 40th time today? Richard, this is unforgivable… I don’t make enough to put up with this crap. This is abusive Peter, and you know it. He’s crazy! He’s completely obsessed with Pfizer and Jeff Kindler, and Hank McKinnell, and Karen Katen, and how everyone in the world is monitoring his phone calls and e-mail, and how he hated reporting to some guy named Eric Sirota… I have to listen to his research on the cost of corporate jets, read e-mail from ditsy blondes who read his blog… I can’t believe you put this on me!

Richard? RICHARD! You asshole, how dare you hang up on me?”

Question Authority

PharmaGossip has spent some time digitally enhancing the Fortune article. I love that blog. Original post here.

From Cafe Pharma: Panic is Increasing Inside Pfizer

I found the following parody on Cafe Pharma, which is someone's fantasy about what may be going on over at my publisher, Soft Skull. It is so well researched and funny that I thought I should share it with you. I apologize for inappropriate words, but I didn't want to censor, since this is apparently how Pfizer people who don't like "The Whistleblower" speak. Just to give you a who's who in this dialogue:

Richard Eoin Nash: Publisher
Sarah Groff-Palermo: Managing Editor
Kristin Pulkkinen: Publicity Director

And here we go with the very long post (parody?) on Cafe Pharma:

Richard Eoin Nash:

[shouting into a speaker phone]
"No Dr Rost, for the last time, we will NOT issue a fucking press release on Pfizer's silly court behaviour. This may well be interesting in your little world, but no one gives a shit. These calls must stop."


[sitting in a dark room in a soulless condo somewhere in Central NJ, shades are drawn, computer screen is flickering in the background, an old video of Hank McKinnell on CNBC is playing on the TV, reams of legal documents are strewn across the floor]

"But please, you must... I... I'm sorry about the calls -- I'm really not a lunatic. I'm a whistleblower, a hero, a REAL HERO... I really am...'s just...


[tears beginning to whell up in his eyes, voice cracking]

... this publicity is all I have. This book is all I have. You just have to help me get more media attention. Don't you want my book to succeed? You DID agree to publish it, didn't you? [tearful sorrow turns to rage] I won't just be IGNORED!"

Richard Eoin Nash:

[muttering to Sarah Groff-Palermo who is sitting across the desk]

"Shit this is ridiculous - why does he always have to cry. I know we're a boutique publisher, but do we really need to put up with this bullshit."

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

[hits the mute button]

"He's a fucking sleeze. I don't care if he cries and does the whole stalker thing. I'm sick of this constant bullshit regarding publicity. I KNEW we shouldn't have agreed to publish that piece of shit. This is your fault. You know as well as I do that every other publisher in America rejected this thing. Now he won't go away. You know he's crazy, right? You've seen the creepy pictures of Hank McKinnell and Jeff Kindler that he carries in his pocket? You know about the videos of Karen Katen, right"

Richard Eoin Nash:

"FUCK! How do I get myself into these situations!"

[hits the mute button, louder into the speaker phone]

"Peter, look, this is embarrassing for everyone. Calm down and get it together, would you? Yes, we agreed to print your "book", but this thing about the Pfizer lawyer just isn't very interesting to anyone except you and maybe three lonely bloggers..."


"No! Fuck you! You can't do this to me. Do you know who I am? I'm a hero. A corporate whistleblower. I was on 60 Minutes. I have fans. They like me... they REALLY, REALLY like me. I had a big blog party, you know. I had friends there -- check it out, go ahead Richard, check it out right now."

[he tears up again and rips a tattered picture of Karen Katen off the wall]

Richard Eoin Nash:

[hits the mute button again, in the background Rost voice is still squawking through the speakerphone, alternating between pleading sorrow and anger]

"He won't stop calling and I have work to do. [now very agitated] God dammit this guy is a pain in my ass! What the fuck are we gonna do to make him go away?"

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

[big smile comes to her face, it appears she has a brilliant idea]

"Why don't we just dump this on Kristin?"

Richard Eoin Nash:

"Now that's an idea! She's never in the office anyway. But this can't be our release. I don't want to be associated with this idiocy."

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

"Don't worry, I'll handle this"

[hits the mute button]

"Peter... PETER! Calm the fuck down. Here's what we'll do. You can send out a press release. Write whatever you want... promote your blog, promote your book, bash Pfizer, whatever. And you can put down Kristin Pulkkinen as the media contact. We'll pay to distribute the release on PR Newswire. That will save you, what, a thousand bucks?"

"In return, you have to PROMISE not to call us anymore"

"That means never"


[perking up]

"Um, OK... that sounds OK" [straightening out the old picture of Karen Katen, pops in another Hank McKinnell videotape]

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

"Peter, do we have your word that this will be the last time you call us like this. We're doing you a big favor".


"Uh, umm... yes, of course, I'm sorry Sarah... it's just been so hard and Pfizer is such an evil company and Kindler, he's got people following me, and McKinnell, he's just a big jerk, and you know they should have offered me a position when they bought Pharmacia, you know they should have... but they didn't anticipate Peter Rost.... OH NO! [his rant grows louder and more vigorous] They didn't count on David trying to take on Goliath, now did they. Now who's crying and trying to make me go away, who? who? who? They will be sorry they fucked with Doctor PETER ROST!"

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

"PETER! Shut the fuck up"


"uh, sorry"

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

"Now we have a deal, right"



Sarah Groff-Palermo:

"Ok, goodbye Peter..." [she hangs up the speakerphone]

Richard Eoin Nash:

"Kristin's going to kill us"

Sarah Groff-Palermo:

"Fuck Kristin -- she's never around anyway. Let's just hope this will get Rost to leave us alone. Richard, this is your fucking fault. From now on, I handle screening of new manuscripts, OK? So far you've really sucked as now we're caught up with this goddamn idiot... Pfizer this, Pfizer that, blah, blah, blah..."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


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The Whistleblower ZOOMS past the other Amazon books

The Whistleblower zooms past other books on Amazon's best seller list and has in 48 hours gone from #5,000 to an:
ALL TIME HIGH record of #856.
ALL TIME HIGH record of #702.
ALL TIME HIGH record of #656.
ALL TIME HIGH record of #534.
ALL TIME HIGH record of #428.
ALL TIME HIGH record of #358.
ALL TIME HIGH record of #333.

Check most recent ranking here.

And order your book now!



"Pfizer Not Happy With Former Executive’s Book"

From Health Law 360, a legal newsletter for law firms:

Pfizer Not Happy With Former Executive’s Book

Portfolio Media, New York (September 19, 2006)--Pfizer Inc. is looking to take legal action against a former employee who recently published a book critical of the health care industry, according to a court transcript.

The book’s author, Dr. Peter Rost, said Tuesday on his Web site that a Pfizer lawyer had alerted the U.S. District Court in Manhattan that it was planning a motion against him.

“We would like to make a motion, in view of the two years of blogging referring to witnesses in this case, confidential information that may be exhibits in the case, the parties in the case, and the attorneys by name in the case…for appropriate sanctions,” the lawyer said.

Pfizer is also evaluating how the book, The Whistleblower – Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman (Soft Skull Press), violates a protective order, and is requesting that more than 2,000 documents used to make the book be marked Confidential, Rost said.

“Pfizer’s attempt to stop ‘The Whistleblower’ and deny the public the right to view associated documents may not be surprising considering the explosive content and Pfizer’s infamous history as the only drug company forced by the government to sign not just one, but two separate corporate integrity agreements,” Rost said.

“I’m pretty much dumbfounded, because this is the stupidest thing Pfizer can do,” he added. “It’s just creating more attention for the book.”

The case between Pfizer and Rost goes back to 2003, when Rost sued Pfizer in the U.S. District Court in Boston. In that case, Rost, who sought damages on behalf of the government, alleged that the drug company and newly acquired Pharmacia Corp. promoted unapproved uses for growth hormone Genotropin and gained millions of dollars in sales as a result.

Judge Joseph Tauro dismissed the case this month, however, saying Rost had no evidence that Pfizer won government reimbursement for illegal off-label Genotropin.

Rost, a former vice president of marketing at Pfizer until his dismissal last November, has said he will either file an amended complaint or appeal the decision.

“We view this as a technicality,” he said. “We simply have to produce one single case of a false claim.”

In a similar but separate suit filed in Manhattan district court right after he was fired, Rost alleged that he was unfairly terminated for his whistleblowing activities. That case is currently pending.

Pfizer, for its part, has called the claims baseless, and it pointed out that the Securities and Exchange Commission has taken no action in the matter. The drug company also accused Rost of aggrandizing himself at the expense of his former company and of tainting the jury pool.

The book, published on Sept. 10, details the alleged Genotropin scandal, FBI investigations, multi-million dollar payouts, company phone surveillance, spying on employees and illicit sexual adventures by executives.

“The Whistleblower is at once an unmasking of how corporations take care of malcontents and a gripping story of one man’s fight to maintain his family and his sanity,” Soft Skull Press writes on its Web site.

It is already planning a second printing.

Rost is represented in the case by Green & Savits LLC.

Pfizer is represented by Epstein, Becker & Green P.C.

The case is Rost v. Pfizer Inc. et al, case number 05-10384, in the U.S.
District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Whistleblower: NEW SALES RECORD

For the first time since launch last week on September 10, 2006, "The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman" hit a new sales record.

It is now in the top 1000 on Amazon, with a #656 ranking!

The only thing I have to say, is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU PFIZER AND RON GREEN.

This would not have happened without your Court room antics!

I truly mean that.

I can't wait for the next Court Conference on November 15, maybe Pfizer and Ronald Green together will help lift sales to the top 100!

I just can't wait. This is great!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pfizer Goes to Court to Stop ‘The Whistleblower — Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman’

Court Transcript, exchange between Ronald Green, Epstein, Becker & Green and the Court.

Court Transcript

The following press release was sent out today. Click on headline to read release and associated documents.

Pfizer Goes to Court to Stop ‘The Whistleblower — Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman’

Pfizer has asked the US District Court, NY, to advise on relief and for sanctions against Dr. Rost for writing "The Whistleblower," per recently released court records, case no. 05-CV-10384. (Court transcript below.)

In a separate legal communiqué, Pfizer’s lawyer writes, "Be advised that we are in the process of evaluating the extent to which this book likewise violates the Protective Order." Pfizer has also requested "Confidential" designation of virtually all documents used to write "The Whistleblower."

"Pfizer’s attempt to stop ‘The Whistleblower’ and deny the public the right to view associated documents may not be surprising considering the explosive content and Pfizer’s infamous history as the only drug company forced by the government to sign not just one, but two separate Corporate Integrity Agreements," said Dr. Rost.

The New York Post wrote the following review, "A drug company executive is about to blow the lid off the pharmaceutical industry . . . revealing everything from sex in the corner office to private investigators spying on employees, company phone surveillance, FBI investigations and financial shenanigans resulting in million-dollar payouts."

And L Magazine stated, "In this Enron-esque exposé of the healthcare industry, an . . . executive reveals everything you should already be assuming about most multinational corporations. You know, greed, spying, million-dollar payouts, and sex in the corner office."

Medical Marketing & Media, a drug industry publication, concluded that "The Whistleblower" is "a scathing account of the allegedly 'insidious' practices of the industry that once paid (Dr. Rost’s) salary and of the US healthcare system. The media is sure to lap it up."

Soft Skull Press sold the entire first printing during the first day of sale, September 10, 2006.

For more information on "The Whistleblower," sample pages, news, reviews, and the "Whistleblower Video," go to:

Dr. Peter Rost daily blog:

Contact: Kristin Pulkkinen, Publicity Director, Soft Skull Press, (718) 643-1599

How Many Lawyers Did it Take to Fire Peter Rost?

I'm sure you are familiar with the old joke about how many lawyers it takes to change a light bulb. But how many lawyers did it really take to fire me from Pfizer?

Now we have the answer and here it is. Oh, and if you want to know how many lawyers it takes to change a light bulb, look below the e-mail between all the lawyers. They are the ones with "Esq." behind their names. (I wish I knew about all those guys when I wrote The Whistleblower. It could have been another chapter!)


Q: How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?

A1: It only takes one lawyer to change your light bulb to his light bulb.

A2: You won't find a lawyer who can change a light bulb. Now, if you're looking for a lawyer to screw a light bulb...

A3: Whereas the party of the first part, also known as "Lawyer", and the party of the second part, also known as "Light Bulb", do hereby and forthwith agree to a transaction wherein the party of the second part (Light Bulb) shall be removed from the current position as a result of failure to perform previously agreed upon duties, i.e., the lighting, elucidation, and otherwise illumination of the area ranging from the front (north) door, through the entryway, terminating at an area just inside the primary living area, demarcated by the beginning of the carpet, any spillover illumination being atthe option of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) and not required by the aforementioned agreement between the parties.

The aforementioned removal transaction shall include, but not be limited to, the following steps:

1.) The party of the first part (Lawyer) shall, with or without elevation at his option, by means of a chair, stepstool, ladder or any other means of elevation, grasp the party of the second part (Light Bulb) and rotate the party of the second part (Light Bulb) in a counter-clockwise direction,this point being non-negotiable.

2.) Upon reaching a point where the party of the second part (Light Bulb) becomes separated from the party of the third part ("Receptacle"), the party of the first part (Lawyer) shall have the option of disposing of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) in a manner consistent with all applicable state,local and federal statutes.

3.) Once separation and disposal have been achieved, the party of the first part (Lawyer) shall have the option of beginning installation of the party of the fourth part ("New Light Bulb"). This installation shall occur in a manner consistent with the reverse of the procedures described in step one of this self-same document, being careful to note that the rotation should occur in a clockwise direction, this point also being non-negotiable.

NOTE: The above described steps may be performed, at the option of the party of the first part (Lawyer), by any or all persons authorized by him, the objective being to produce the most possible revenue for the party of the fifth part, also known as "Partnership."

Sudden Pfizer Silence

After having hounded me at every public appearance, with a letter to U.S. Congress, another one to U.S. Senate, (all of this described in my book The Whistleblower) and letters to television stations and radio stations where I was going to appear, Pfizer suddenly went silent three days ago.

This happened after I joyfully thanked Pfizer for their most recent letter to the Leonard Lopate Show, in my post I have three more radio interviews coming up this week.

After all, conflict is something they love in the media, and Pfizer following me around trying to argue with me already before I go on the shows, has been very helpful. That's the reason they gave me a flak jacket in congress, in front of rolling television cameras. So Pfizer has given me some great photo-ops.

But I guess I shouldn't have thanked Pfizer, because suddenly they went quiet.

I've had three more radio show and not a peep from Pfizer. Unless you count the crazy guy who called in and started yelling, yesterday on Bob Brinker on Moneytalk. (Moneytalk is heard on New York's number one talk station, WABC (770AM), from from 6:15pm-6:50pm EST and the show is broadcast around the country, see here.) Anyway, he might have worked for Pfizer, but we simply don't know that. The station had to cut him off when he refused to allow me to reply.

All in all a fun weekend with lots of action. I just missed the "Peter Rost Letters" from Pfizer. I felt kind of lonely without a single attack from Pfizer.

Oh well, maybe the Pfizer PR people don't want to work weekends. I'm sure they'll be back.