Thursday, May 31, 2007

AstraZeneca will NOT fire Compliance & Ethics Leader

Andrea Paskman, AstraZeneca's Compliance & Ethics Leader, has been closely associated with the ZubeAffair, since she would normally have reviewed the offending newsletter that got regional sales director Mike Zubillaga fired, which was followed by the resignation of Zubillaga's boss, Scarlett Spring who will leave AstraZeneca today. Paskman also appears to have been involed in the subsequent investigation.

Brandweek has been closely monitoring Paskman's role in this process and today revealed that Paskman will remain with AstraZeneca, although AstraZenca now refuses to answer even basic questions, sticking to their mantra, that they've already "taken the appropriate action."

Too bad that doesn't make the blog world stop writing about this story the way the regular press politely backs off when a company with a big advertising budget tells them there is no more story to tell.

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Anonymous said...

Ask Andrea about the psychiatrist speaker who was reported to compliance for recommending Seroquel for the elderly in nursing homes who are diagnosed with dementia. THe speaker asked if the attendees had nursing home responsibility and then immediately launched into a lengthy discourse. One of the attendees to the program the next month shared to the representative and manager that she switched one of her elderly nursing home patients with dementia to Seroquel. The representative was assured that "appropriate action" would be taken with the speaker. This same speaker delivered at least 20 more company presentations on Seroquel in the next few months and then made off label recommendations again for Seroquel--not as a response to provider questions. Wonder if many of those patients in the nursing home switched to Seroquel had cardiovascular events? For instance, Grandma just died in her sleep one night as she was very old. Wonder if any of those patients switched to Seroquel after either presentation were Medicaid/Medicare patients? Has patient care been impacted negatively? Is this right??