Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pfizer hires Ropes & Gray to investigate maraviroc scandal.

According to a source inside Pfizer, the company has hired Ropes & Gray to investigate the maraviroc allegations and maraviroc documents published on Question Authority (here).

Ropes & Gray are in a real rush to interrogate Pfizer's HIV Sales Representatives I'm told, and meetings are being scheduled as you read this.

Ropes & Gray only a few weeks ago wrote a very interesting alert to its pharma clients, click on image to view full size:

And the guy who conducts the investigation is Joshua S. Levy.

He is a litigation partner in the Boston Office of Ropes & Gray.

Levy recently defended a major pharmaceutical company in a wide-ranging criminal investigation into off-label promotion, fraudulent marketing, and pricing practices and he has also defended several other pharmaceutical manufacturers in a number of different criminal and civil proceedings.

He clearly is just what the doctor ordered for Pfizer to get out of the trouble caused by the recent allegations about illegal premarketing of maraviroc.

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