Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Investigator of Medicaid Fraud Calls Question Authority

This weekend I received a personal phone call from an investigator of state medicaid fraud. He works in the heartland. Said that the first thing he does every morning is read this blog.

Unfortunately, he said, the government agency he works for blocks web images, so he has to use his computer back home to look at the pictures in the evening.

Interesting thing is, he works in a state where a real big pharma company is very entrenched. They pretty much own that state, he said. So his colleagues aren't always real happy when he does what he's hired to do; which includes scrutinizing that big pharma company.

By now most of you with pharma experience have probably both guessed that state and the powerful drug company that owns everyone, including the press in that state. You guessed it right, the state and the state capitol both start with an I . . . and the drug company with an L . . .

The drug industry is powerful, but in some states it is more than powerful; it owns pretty much everyone. I feel bad for the people in those states.

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Unknown said...

Peter, You do a great job with both the pictures and the text. Sometimes it's hard to find both...