Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pfizer India Whistleblower Finally Gets His "25 Year Service Award" Gold Coin: 4 Years too Late!

Pfizer's finance department whistleblower has gone through some really hard times since he was fired from Pfizer, after 28 years of faithful service.

As you may remember he was terminated less than a year after he contacted Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler with numerous allegations which I have covered on this blog. And after he was terminated Pfizer refused to pay him money they owed him for six months.

But they also did something else. For four years Pfizer refused to give Idnani the faithful service medal awarded to all Pfizer employees in India, after 25 years of service.

Idnani wrote numerous e-mails about this to Pfizer New York, but no one cared.

But now, finally, there is some good news for Ashok Idnani.

He just told me, "I received the 25-year service award gold coin on last Friday, May 18, after the first two articles and four years after I completed 25-years with Pfizer.

And, perhaps we should mention, almost one year after he was fired.

Shame on you Pfizer. SHAME ON YOU!


Anonymous said...

We never had a problem with you in 28 years. You were a stellar employee. We never put you on "a plan" but just went ahead and terminated you before your information turned into too much of a problem for us. We withheld 4 years worth of bonuses for no reason other than your whistle-blowing that law required you to do, but we must also fire you now for doing what the law required. Pardon us if we take 8 months to get you your final paycheck, oh and also the 25 year service award you were owed for your longevity and stellar performance with the company. Nope, no inconsistencies here in how we're running things, shareholders! Everything is totally on the up-and-up!

Anonymous said...

In Pfizer India top management staff and MD is very good in delivering lectures on "Intigrity and Corporate Compliance". Present EC has made the glorious company into ruges by robing the resource and money for their individual assest. They should all be pulled to court by share holders and other employees. Pfizer India MD has the habit of clarrifying the status on telecom to all the staff members on any compliance issue and he should not forget that everyone is closely watching him, what he does now? Telecon? Resignation? Retaliation or spying?

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