Friday, May 04, 2007

HealthcareVOX: If you are in crisis communications: read Rost’s blog. If you are a lawyer: read Rost’s blog. If you are a journalist: read Rost’s blog

I have a new favorite blog-HealthcareVOX. Here's what they write:

Question Authority: A Blog That Has Regained Its Footing

It is also clear that blogs are influencing corporations. Last year, the managed care company Kaiser Permanente learned how blogs can latch on to a story and amplify its reach -- even if the mainstream media (temporarily) ignore it. Lately, we’ve seen Peter Rost’s blog Question Authority play a similar role.

Earlier this year, Rost had famously stopped blogging because I suspect he decided he had nothing more to say. However, his permanent blogging vacation barely lasted a week. Since then his blog, which meandered from pharmaceutical industry-focused posts to musings about his life in general, has regained its edge. After posting an item about AstraZeneca’s “bucket of money” scandal whistleblowers throughout the industry have begun to regularly forward information about alleged drug firm malfeasance to Rost.

It is important to note that the allegations published on Question Authority are devoid of context and should be examined carefully for their veracity. However, some of them have sparked significant media coverage and investigations by public officials and government agencies. Whether you believe the information appearing on Rost’s blog is gospel or unsubstantiated rumors, it cannot be ignored. So, this is my advice for various pharma industry stakeholders regarding Question Authority:

-If you are in crisis communications: read Rost’s blog
-If you are a lawyer: read Rost’s blog
-If you are a journalist: read Rost’s blog
-If you are a pharma CEO: read Rosts’s blog

I could go on, but you get the point.

In sum, we’ve seen how healthcare blogs are becoming an increasingly important force in the industry. Whether a Weblog receives fifteen comments or zero, piddling or significant traffic it is having an impact on some segment of the industry.

Read the entire post here.

As for me, after reading this, I got a performance anxiety attack, but thank you HealthcareVOX, this is pretty much the nicest anyone has written. The only thing I could possibly add is:

-If you take yourself too seriously: Read Rost's blog.
He doesn't take anyone seriously, including himself.

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