Friday, May 04, 2007

The greatest honor bestowed by PharmaGossip

Thank you, Jack. I'm not sure what this will do to my ego. Here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete Rost.

Everything you document is, at least in part, the result of a meltdown in legal ethics at US Office of Special Counsel (OSC), the so-called "friend of federal whistleblowers."

40% of OSC employees are licensed attorneys, who were specifically hired to implement the specific laws to protect concerned feds.

But they willfully violate those laws, and then, only because they are lawyers, then claim they have a positive legal duty to cover their (and OSC's) lawbreaking up, as their lawbreaking becomes OSC's lawbreaking and OSC is their "client" whose interests they must advance.

OSC is charged to protect feds from retribution, including feds in DOL who investigate whistleblowe reprisal allegations in private sector.

Does this make things clearer?

. said...

In my opinion, Health Vox, Gossip, and all the other blogs are going to tip their hat, to a job well done on this series of AZ exclusives.

I think they snubbed Rost because of the fact that he WAS one of them, and he is right... if I can take the liberty of misquoting Ludacris:

If you hate that I am on top, then wish me DOWN;
If you hate that I am on the road, than wish me HOME; and
If you hate that I AM RIGHT, FOOL, then wish me WRONG -

But after your 3 wishes... blow it out your.....

My message to those PHARMA wishers... you got MORE than your 3 wishes .. so its time...

Peace and Love and Keep up the great blogging.