Friday, May 04, 2007

AstraZeneca: New Allegations Sent to OIG and AZ Hotline

----Original Message Follows----
Subject: AstraZeneca Corporate Integrity Agreement
Date: Sat, 05 May 2007 02:12:31 +0900

I am the spokesman for the AstraZeneca 'Group of Seven' whistleblowers. We have been in contact with Dr. Peter Rost (Question Authority blog) and Drew Armstrong (Congressional Quarterly reporter). Both are copied here if you wish to verify us as a source. If you need further evidence, information or clarification regarding AstraZeneca please contact me through this email address. We just reported the following to the AZ Code of Conduct hotline:
Section III B of AstraZeneca's Corporate Integrity Agreement concerns 'Written Standards' for our Code of Conduct. They are inadequate in two ways:

1) AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical field sales reps do not have full and free access to Code of Conduct policies during working hours. These policies are only available on the company INTRANET site. Reps have wireless capability on their laptops, however, the company keeps track of when a rep logs in during working hours & what sites they visit. A call to the Code of Conduct hotline shortly after a visit to an AZ policy site could triangulate the rep and lead to retaliation. [We recommend that AZ either download all policies to field computers, for offline access, or return to paper policy binders.]

2) Code of Conduct policy training is mandatory and conducted ONLINE, outside of working hours. In general, online time is personal/family time for field sales reps. This means that most reps are going to blow through the training as quickly as possible & forget most of what they have learned. [We recommend that all compliance training be conducted during working hours and that field reps be granted appropriate "time off territory" to do so. In other words, let them log off half a day for training instead of calling on physicians.]

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