Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monogram Bioscience stock drops 5%

Early selling in conjunction with the revelation on this site that the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services has contacted the Pfizer HIV whistleblower initially pushed the stock down 5%. Monogram is right now trading about 2% below yesterday's price, when it dropped about 4%, for a total loss in two days of 6%.

During yesterday and today, the stock has gone from a high of $1.97 to a low of $1.76 and is now trading at $1.83.

Also see my original story "Pfizer whistleblower accuses company of using sales force to illegally market new AIDS-drug before FDA approval"

monogram bio

Monogram Bioscience now trades about 6% below the price before the disclosures were made on this blog and 16% below the price 5 days ago.

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