Thursday, May 03, 2007

AstraZeneca Wrap-Up? Or Not.

Jim Edwards over at Brandweek has the story and the timeline. Check it out, outstanding reporting.

And since AstraZeneca announced the end of its probe more documents have been revealed, like these ones: AstraZeneca's Secret Oncology Plans: Sell Cancer Drugs to Patients with Pink Cupcakes.

We'll see if this is really over when Congress and OIG are done with their part . . .

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Anonymous said...

Pink cupcakes in the Oncologists office? I've seen worse. Sanofi had a promotion of Hyalgan with a bizarre promotional push that it was "natural" (the dessicated Rooster combs carried around by their specialty force were a bit much...) and I've seen Foley catheters used to demonstrate the "ideal 40cc prostate that finasteride will treat". I guess that the coup de'grace will be Lilly coming out with a red ribbon imprinted with "Support our drugs". That's about the only act left undone. Merciless people in a seemingly merciless industry conducting themselves without shame.