Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is the Delaware News Journal at Least Blushing?: "AstraZeneca finds questionable sales practices, disciplines itself"

Don't you just love the mainstream press? Seriously, if you've followed this story, have you ever seen a more misleading headline?: AstraZeneca finds questionable sales practices, disciplines itself

How about "Bloggers reveal misconduct, forces AstraZeneca to act?" Nope, can't write that in a regular newspaper. Gary Haber, hope you're at least blushing!!!

Here's a better one, from Brandweek: AstraZeneca Internal Probe Over for Now And this is another good one: AstraZeneca actions under US review from Philadelphia Inquirer.

This is what Kaiser Network writes: HHS Inspector General To Investigate Allegations That AstraZeneca Improperly Marketed Breast Cancer Drug

Long and not very sexy, but better than Haber's spin.

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. said...

Have they no shame? It wasn't bloggers, it was blogger and then the caching across the other pages.