Saturday, May 05, 2007

Paris Hilton Goes to Jail: Nominated Woman Driver of the Year

Let's face it, women are safer on the roads than men.

They're prettier too.

But some, like Paris, are simply more obnoxious than everyone else. So most people probably don't feel sorry for Paris, after she received a 45 day jail sentence for driving with a suspended license, after she was sentenced for reckless driving, driving intoxicated. She then got caught driving with no lights on her Bentely, middle of the night, without her license.

More here.

So let's take a look at what can happen when drivers really screw up.

I'm told this is a series of pictures of "Women Drivers of the Year," and clearly at this point Paris belongs among them. But let's be fair, of course, if these were male drivers, there would've been a lot more blood:

Oh, for those of you not knowing what's wrong with the last picture . . . the helmet is put on upside down.

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Anonymous said...

I used to live and work in Amsterdam on one of the canals. We daily saw cars landing in the canal, but I never saw anyone as clever is the one next to the last picture. That WOMAN KNOWS how to park, even in very difficult situations. Let us see a man doing that so precisely. I am sure she is an experienced Amsterdam canal parker. Missed you blog for a few days. Now I am getting more than one good laugh! Like that ethics department one as well. That guy looks just like one of my M.D.'s, but I have never seen him like that, nor imagined him in such a way. Where do you come up with all that, Peter? You missed the right career: comedian.