Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Big Pharma's Pocket: John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

You can kid some of us some of the time, but not all of us all the time.

Fifteen Democratic senators voted in favor of the poison pill amendment to defend Big Pharma's monopoly and keep reimported drugs out of the U.S.

They succeeded.

Those fat cat senators were: Max Baucus, Evan Bayh, Maria Cantwell, Thomas Carper, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, Mary Landrieu, Frank Lautenberg, Blanche Lincoln, Robert Menéndez, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Ben Nelson, Jay Rockefeller, and Kenneth Salazar.

John Kerry clearly paid back pharma's donation to his presidential bid. What is Ted's excuse?

More here.

Next time you wonder who stole our democracy, check above. And if you think this Congress will be different, keep on dreaming.


Anonymous said...

Ted is very cozy with the pharma industry. This is exactly where those Political Action Committee payments really make a difference. Ted has just saved pharma billions a the cost of all his constituents. Keep the donations coming!

Anonymous said...

The senators like Obama, Dodd, and Biden who didn't vote seem as bad to me. Only Hillary Clinton, out of those running for President voted against the amendment beneficial to pharma.

Is Ron Paul, to your knowledge Peter, independent of Pharma?

Anonymous said...

Maria Cantwell!!! After all the grief she heaped on Mike McGavick about "being controlled by special interests" and "not paying attention to working class families" in the 2006 Washington Senatorial campaign? What's the more apt term for her conduct? The choices are hypocrite or liar.

Anonymous said...

If that is true about only Hilliary willing to vote for the re-importation amendment then (against the poison pill) she has my vote. I am surprised her opponents would so alienate their core constituencies this way.

I'll check out the voting issue. I have never like her very much, but perhaps Hilliary will actually go after Universal Health care as well.. for real.

. said...

Can someone tell me why Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are on the list?

I am so mad at them. I supported their election campaigns, and this is how they pay me back :)

I am so disappointed, women. As you both campaigned on having family values and caring about health care....RUBBISH.