Sunday, May 06, 2007

"AstraZeneca Proves that Ethics Cannot be Legislated"

Check this one out: AstraZeneca Proves that Ethics Cannot be Legislated

Dr. Chin ends her post: "If Peter Rost and the rest of the pro-/anti-industry blogosphere didn’t pick up on this story, AstraZeneca supposedly would not have conducted any investigations on the matter. Now that AstraZeneca is investigating, it’s pointing fingers elsewhere. This is a shame.

P.S. I used to view myself as an industry observer (as opposed to industry critic or proponent) with a certain sense of optimism about the pharmaceutical industry. I’m no longer so optimistic."


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Peter.

Jane: "Hello. My name is Jane. When company executives exhort about 'doing the right things' I really believed them."

Pharma Blogosphere: "Hi, Jane."

. said...

Thank you Dr. Chin, for making a very good point. It is a total shame, that these companies don't act as role models for health related industries. What they do is give implicit permission for smaller companies to follow their models. That is the major problem in my mind. Ethics like poop, rolls down hill fast, with momentum.
Peace and Love,
Dr. BK

Anonymous said...

Astra on its own, before the merger was perhaps the ONLY big pharma company that practiced what they preached, at least in Canada. They were so ethical that often business opportunities were missed befause it involved unethical methods. The reps were under orders not to break any rules and everyone sticked to it. After the merger everything changed and they joined the rest of the rotten big pharma. Look where they are today in US and one can be sure also in Canada but are getting away with things due to lack of laws and will to stop this. In fact they hired a disgraceded compliance officer from a competitor to use his "knowledge" in manipulating compliance issues at AstraZeneca.
He is reputed to have said at the first meeting "My job is to make sure that you get away with as much as possible. If you are caought we'll cover you".
Isn't Bigpharmaland, wonderland?

Anonymous said...

To heknows:

Do you know, by chance, which pharma company Astra's compliance officer came from?

Anonymous said...

heknowns, can't tell but will give you a hint. It is one of the big ones from the prettiest Euro country that is known for thier watches and cheese holes. They ain't bad in making pills either.
Why the interest?