Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pfizerite speaks up.

Quote of the day from a Pfizerite:

Pfizer has probably hired so many anti-industry activists trying to get dirt that its ridiculous. Rost should have been ditched immediately after the merger along with all of Pharmacia management. Most were a really bitter bunch. Another one of Mckinnel's long string of disastrous decisions.

No company is perfect, the FDA rules are very complex and not totally cut and dried so there is room to differ about tactics and strategies without necessarily accusing folks of illegal activity.

And activist organizations are among the most corrupt and hypocritical organizations in this country. Many are liberal, communist organizations trying to further the communist, socialist goals of their foreign backers. Such useful idiots feeding un-american propaganda.

The FDA feeds into this with all their anti-1st amendment restrictions to free speech on our industry. The socialist takeover of the healthcare industry and the marxists politicians, especially those at the FDA, must be defeated & overthrown if we are to keep our society free and our healthcare the best in the world.

I thought this would be the perfect video to go with these delusional comments:

Of course as someone who had to fight to become an American, and wasn't born with a US flag in my hand, but who respects what this country stands for and our star spangled banner, I'm deeply offended by the entire comment by the Pfizerite. Sadly, I do believe the comment fully reflects what Pfizer has become and Pfizer management values.


Anonymous said...

Pfizerite or Pfascist?

Anonymous said...

With all of the "communism" and "anti-American" propoganda spiel I was waiting for the author to next direct us to support the McCarthy hearings and to take cover in our nuclear fallout shelter as our only protection when the "commies" take over our healthcare system and the drug companies are only marginally less able to wrap themselves in the flag and tell us how holy they are than at present.

Is this author on drugs, a corporate "plant" towing the line as an "anonymous" writer on the blogs, or just having trouble getting his flux capacitor to get him out of 1955? I can't quite tell.