Friday, May 11, 2007

Pfizer Finance: Executive Ready to Blow the Whistle.

I'm working on the next whistleblower story.

A Pfizer finance person who's spent several decades with Pfizer is ready to talk to me.

He is providing documents and other information.

So, while I work on this, I apologize for not posting so frequently.

Stay tuned.

Three part story only on Question Authority, starting Wednesday, May 16.


Anonymous said...

So he didn't come over from Warner-Lambert, Pharmacia or anywhere else, but spent decades at Pfizer alone???

THAT would be some fascinating information to read and learn about that company-- to the extent that he'll actually share, at least.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter where the person came from...Pfizer bought those companies and assumed the liability...You can't run or hide the truth has to come out no matter and Pfizer has the ownership.

Anonymous said...

Look it truely does not matter if the misconduct was done by the previously independent co.Pfizer was found responsible, period. Will see what this new WB a long term Pfizer insider has to say. The fact he is comng over to our good doc to WB with his evidence, means that Pfizer has some of thier own home grown skeletons. This should be no surprise to anyone who even spent 2-3 years in the bigpharmaland making thier easy living. We all saw what went on. Every and I mean every big pharma does use the nasty stuff to get thier business done.The thing is some still have not been exposed in a big way, as Pfizer, BMS, AstraZ and others. However there is no big pharma co that has not had some kind of reprimand. Usually slap on their dirty fingers and the business went on.
What we need more WB from those companies that are still untached (they think they are untachable) so our goverment can bring them to account and recover all those billions they gained undeservadly.
Doc we will all stay tuned and are looking forward to hear what he (it is he?) has to say.
To those who are still sitting on their hands out there in Bigpharmaland, we say do it. Come forward and make it right. Just for fun lets list those bigpharma companies that have not been exposed so far.
To start:
Avantis, Novartis, Bouringer, Roche...,

Anonymous said...

Avantis, Bouringer???

Says it all.


Anonymous said...

If this person has some improprieties to report, why is he/she telling Peter Rost instead of some legal authority? I didn't realize that Dr. Rost has been appointed as official watchdog for the industry. Perhaps there's some money in it for him... :-)

Anonymous said...

To anonymass; why not to the doctor? He has gone through this on his own, had problems with the "authority" to convince them to do it right. Later they did it but pfizer got away with a "speeding ticket" worth of fine. Had it been done properly we would be looking at 10 times the "speed", read $$.The doctor can provide the all important "road map" to successfull outcome that, yes, may result in money for both the WB-er and the good doctor along with the people via their god USA government. Not a bad deal for all and justified too. Hope I am right. In my personal case had I had a good adviser like Doc here, not only I would have had a positive $$$$ oucome but a major offender one of the biggest ones, no different from Pfizer would have gone down in flames and we would have been better off as people and patients. Instead, they got away (for now) and continue with the same old same old.
In summary, this is the right way to go about and if there is good evidence we are going to see another one for pfizer. One of their own making.
Lets grow that list of (they think) untachable and maybe some potential WB-er may just be motivated to make the first step. The doc's office is always open for bigpharma whistelblowingreps.

Anonymous said...

Anonymass? That was clever. Thanks for the nickname. :-)

-Anonymass Chuck (a former Pfizer employee who doesn't see them as Evil Incarnate like Dr. Rost and his groupies do)

Anonymous said...

OK, Chuck it is. As former Pfizerite the nick name does not fit. It is the current ones that I figured you for at first. The doc does get some apologists on occasion and to be fair they maybe somewhat right. The doc, I and most "fans" deal in the bad and the ugly sides of big pharma that are for real and do exist. Of course there is The good side too and we do not have a problem with that. Just think of Penicillin and other wonderful things the classic pharam and even big pharma brought us. Your Viagra ain't bad either and Zitromax is as good as any.
What we would like to have the big pharma change their ways, go back to ethical ways and do what they are supposed to do, look after the needs of our sick at reasonable price. They the big pharma are here because of us not other way around as they have grown to think and as result of that, behave like we are here to serve them, use their drugs and in the process make them rich beyond reasonable.
35 years in this business was enough to see evolvement of once proud and ethical business into what it is today. Just another take no prisoners, predatory business that because they do a lot of good, think they are intitled to do the bad an the ugly as they persue ther unreasonable profits.
If you spent even 3 years in the business you had to see it. Maybe you too can talk to the good doc. It ain't going to hurt, either.

AstraZeneca said...

Looking forward to the whole story....