Sunday, May 20, 2007

Other blogs on Pfizer's Indian scandal.

Peter Rost, the Frankenstein's Monster of Pfizer
By BrandweekNRX

"I care about things from a marketing and brand image point of view, of course. I'm happy to cover good news and bad coming out of Pfizer.

But in terms of the company's image, it just makes me think that about November 2005, when Pfizer had the opportunity to pay Rost to shut up and go away. Instead, he was fired. Wouldn't it have been a lot easier to settle with him?"

Riding in Peter Rost's Wake
By Pharma Blogosphere

Contrary to John's thought in this post that I link to other blogs to "reward" them - I don't. I link because I think QA readers may be interested in their opinion, including John's opinion. I simply write about stuff I enjoy reading and link to things I find interesting.

Rost Busts Pfizer... Again and Again and Again
By CL Psych on Peter Rost

"Rost continues to bring the hammer down on Pfizer. I won't even bother to summarize his work, suffice to say that it involves a combination of..."

Pfizer's India Unit Spied On...Everyone?
By Ed Silverman

"Supposedly, this was done with the approval of the head of Pfizer India, who remains on the job, despite the fact that Pfizer execs in New York were presented with the same documents Question Authority has posted. The last installment should be available in a few hours. Get out your voodoo"

Whistleblowing While You Don’t Work
By impactiviti on News

"The latest revelation - possible misdeeds in India, linked to the Pfizer/Parke-Davis transaction. You have to have some time on your hands, and, in fact, a willingness to wash your hands afterward, but to read more, go over to the Question Authority blog . . . Peter has thus become a “rock star” among some of the pharma bloggers that love dishing dirt, or at least, reporting headline-worthy news. So be forewarned - Question Authority is not a blog where you will find industry cheerleading!"

PHARMA: Rost--Pfizer's Indian problem
By Matthew

"I do think that sometime around now Pfizer probably wishes that it had just given Rost the job he wanted when they bought Pharmacia, and reacted with less paranoia. But you make your bed, and…."

BLOGSCAN - More Strange Deeds by Pfizer's Indian Subsidiary Alleged
By Roy M. Poses MD

"Rost noted that the person in charge of Pfizer's security operations at the time was the current CEO, Jeff Kindler, and speculated whether Pfizer's actions could have violated the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act."

Pfizer Finance Mgr In India Blows Whistle
By Ed Silverman

"He has a complicated tale about discovering that the sale of a Pfizer plant in Hyderabad went for a fraction of its real value, raising suspicions of kickbacks. Ashok Idnani also alleges there were accounting irregularties, and that an internal investigation, which he tried to propel, was stifled by Pfizer execs in India and New York."

By Absurd Realities by anniepema

Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle - Part One
By Bill of Rights

"The real story is a must read:"

BLOGSCAN - Strange Deals Alleged by Pfizer's Indian Subsidiary
By Health Care Renewal

"The blog Question Authority with Dr Peter Rost seems to be making a transition from commenting on the news (as we do here on Health Care Renewal) to investigative reporting. "

Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle - Part One
Bt The Black Kitty

"This is so &^&(*&%* audacious you have to read it to believe it. Pfizer is going DOWN, BABY. They will regret the day they messed with the Health Care Hitman. If this story doesn't give Dr. Rost his own News shows, then You ^&*'ers at CNN and CNBC are wack. Rost plays a Dan Rather... how ironic Veronica?"

PFE executive alleges detectives snooped on shareholders, bribes to tax ...
By BuzzTracker

Pfizer may very well be in violation of the...
By Absurd Realities by anniepema


Rost Raises Questions, and Shares Documents, About the Sale of Pfizer’s Hyderabad Facility
By pharmamanufacturing on The Pharma Industry

"But, whatever the outcome or ultimate merits of this story as it unfolds, three cheers for transparency, corporate governance and Web 2.0."

Whistle Blower Blowout
By John Mack on Dr. Peter Rost

"Corruption regarding the sale of a plant in India has very little relevance to "me", which is what is really important. Maybe that's why not many other blogs are picking up on this latest whistle blower story." (I guess John is eating his words about right now.)

Dr Peter Rost celebrates US National Whistleblowing Week
By PharmaGossip

"Looks like it's gonna be quite a party!"

Dr. Peter Rost Will Break ANOTHER Whistle Blower Case Today - Check Blog!
By Digg

"Dr. Peter Rost is the self- proclaimed "health care Hitman" formally a VP from the EVIL PHARMA Empires (Biggie P and Biggie W), who defected to use his "special powers" for the forces of good, In the course of a couple of months, he has BROKE several of the biggest health care media Whistle-blower stories GLOBALLY. His new BIG story breaks today."


AstraZeneca said...

The drug business is unbelievably profitable. How much of a higher yield do they get by being dishonest?

. said...

I honestly don't believe they set out to BE dishonest. I think it happens without maliciousness, more like a general type of corporate slippage. I also believe that there are powerful incentives WITHIN big profit companies for actions that move you vertically rather than benefit the bottom line. Thanks for responding.

Anonymous said...

John Mack - hopeless...

Peter Rost - priceless...