Friday, May 25, 2007

Don't miss next week: The Pfizer Mirapex Whistleblower!

A new Pfizer whistleblower is coming forward next week; a sales representative who spent a decade working for Pfizer on the West-Coast.

She just left the company, and will tell you all about her experience with off-label promotion and what she claims the company taught her to do . . .

And I will prove that she is for real.

As if that wasn't enough . . . next week I'll have more documents related to allegations of illegal premarketing of maraviroc.

All of this and much more, right here, on Question Authority, starting Tuesday next week.


Anonymous said...

West Coast, eh? California?

. said...

Peter, you are on blankiing fire, dude :) Way to go, for your own Question Authority CNBC show :) I would TIVO it :)

Anonymous said...

Dozens of horror stories of real people, real lives devastated by Mirapex, a Parkinson's drug made by Boehringer Ingelheim and marketed in the US by Pfizer.

Marriages and families wrecked, health damaged, millions of dollars, including entire life savings lost, at least one suicide.