Monday, May 14, 2007

21 Minutes with the Federal Trade Commission

Who cared about my post "Genentech/Tanox whistleblower: "If the FTC would talk to the right people this place would blow up."?

Apparently the FTC:



. said...

Can you help me blog this? Does this mean they were reading that entry in your blog?

Peter Rost said...

Yes, exactly, Dr. BK. This is an excerpt from the statcounter.

. said...

Devious :) I would think they would have the integrity to comment and help us understand their point of view. If they really do believe that their actions are ethical (I know they are overwhelmed, as I heard a top FDA bureaucrat SAY so, at the last Statistical Association Meetings), then they should elucidate for me their position.

Thanks so much.

Dr. BK