Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So is it really true . . . Rost actually working?

A lot of bloggers and writers seem to have the scoop . . .

Peter Rost, Pfizer Scourge, Gets A Real Job
By Ed Silverman on Peter Rost

Rost Replaces Edwards at BrandweekNRX - Can it Be True?
By John Mack on BrandweekNRX

Peter Rost, Cub Reporter? A Web 2.0 Update
By pharmamanufacturing on Blogging and Web 2.0

As for my comments . . . stay tuned for tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you will actually write something rather than your usual "cut & paste" blog! LOL

Peter Rost said...

We love to have Pfizer people coming by! Funny thing that you do, since you don't appear to like my "cut & paste" blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not from Pfizer, but Novartis. Just an observation regarding your incessant ability to cut and paste, sir...no need to be so defensive. It is quite true that you have given so many "hat tips" that you may as well not even wear a hat. Take care!

Peter Rost said...

Ha ha! You are funny. You really should apply to the Novartis public relations department. They need someone spinning reality!

PharmaGuy said...

Enough already! The f**king suspense is killing me!

When do you make your announcement?