Friday, July 20, 2007

"Big Pharma's Nigerian Nightmare"

Brandweek ties together the Nigerian who blew the whistle on Novartis with Nigeria's allegations that Pfizer killed its children . . . don't miss "Big Pharma's Nigerian Nightmare."

Here's how the post starts:

What was the deal yesterday with the drug business and things of Nigerian origin? Two stories yesterday both involved Nigerians with angry lawers accusing companies -- Novartis and Pfizer -- of misdeeds.

First, Peter Rost broke a nice scoop on a former senior data analyst at Novartis who claims the company submitted flawed data to the FDA: Nigerian-native David Olagunju alleges in a suit that he was fired for "disclosing and refusing to participate in illegal and unethical activities regarding the testing and reporting of human drug study results concerning Tasigna (ANM), Novartis' new cancer drug."

Guess what? Novartis recently announced that its Tasigna approval application was being delayed by the FDA. (Ed Silverman at Pharmalot carries a different take here.)

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