Friday, July 13, 2007

Congratulations Impactiviti!

The Impactiviti blog turns one year today and concludes his celebration with these thoughtful words decribing the healthcare blog sector.

So, if you have occasionally come across the Impactiviti blog and wonder why it doesn’t seem to be strictly news (like Pharmalot, WSJ Health blog, or Brandweek NRx), or why it’s not full of edgy comments on marketing (like John Mack’s Pharma Marketing Blog), or why it’s not a primary goal to surface whistleblowers or pass on the latest snarky gossip (like Pharmagossip or Peter Rost) - well, it’s because this blog is a hybrid. I filter through all that stuff and pass on what I believe is of most value to my readers. I try to be balanced with both the good and the bad in our industry. I seek to give insight. And, yes, I am seeking to expand my business as a consultant - I have no problems with full disclosure. So, if you didn’t know before…now you have a glimpse what we’re about here at Impactiviti!

As for Question Authority, I just updated the description over at Technorati: "The Question Authority blog is a combination of "60 Minutes" and "Saturday Night Live." Dr. Rost blogs about whistleblowers, crooked corporations, drugs, gossip, and CEO's caught with their pants down."

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