Sunday, July 29, 2007

Celebrating summer in Sweden . . .

I really don't want any Pfizer lawyers to miss any of this, especially since they'll spend a fortune on translations, so here's the deal:

Tomorrow, Monday July 30 is finally the day when I get to do an hour and a half on Swedish Radio. Twice in the same day, so a full three hours in one single day.

Pfizer lawyers, please go here to download and listen to music and talk.

And if that show is too long for you, we also did a separate recording for P1 Morgon, as well on the financial news, P1 Ekot.

Should you not like any of this, you can also use the radio archive of the Swedish Summer Show to listen to actress Lena Olin. Or perhaps author, singer and centerfold Magdalena Graaf . . . or maybe industrial tycoon, Michael Treschow.

And to really get into the right mood, here's some real Swedish music. From 1965.

Cheers, Pfizer and Epstein, Becker & Green. Without your investigators, detectives and highly paid lawyers monitoring me, this wouldn't be half as much fun!

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