Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Novartis whistleblower story - is it for real?

. . . John Mack is wondering.

And no John, you're not back on my sh-t list because of your questions in your post It Must be a Slow Summer for Whistleblowers if the Best You Can Do is Cite CafePharma Discussions!

In fact, what you did is exactly what I hoped for . . . you know, it is summer, and I was a bit tired of doing all the work, so I figured if I just poked around a bit with that hornet's nest, someone would pick up a few more sticks, and eventually we'd have a full whistleblower story going . . . and you did just that.

So next is to find out, what is the deal with "David Olagunju v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation"?

It is, as John pointed out, easy enough to find his info on the Internet: David Olagunju Global Director, Statistical Reporting and Standards Novartis Pharmaceuticals Telephone: 862.778.3802.

And yes, the phone number still works, but goes into voicemail . . . but the guy's name on the recording is not Olagunju, it is Gupta . . . and it is not his phone numer, the phone has been forwarded. Then the operator told me Olagunju had been moved to MA . . . and the number I was given simply had an automated message in a continues loop, which did not respond to any number pushing. The mystery thickens.

And, there is nothing on "David Olagunju" in the all-encompassing PACER system, so is this all a hoax?


PharmaGuy said...


You know I think you are the greatest!


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later the mighty Novartis will have arrived. It will join the used-to-be-mighty Pfizer in its infamy. We can feel it and smell it in the pristine air in Basel and Newark.( strike the pristine in both places. It stinks).

Anonymous said...

Doc, can you let us know if NPRBW ( Novartis Peter Rost Blog Watcher) has already seen this? If not we'll e-mail it to the very top of their food chain. They should be aware ot this, for sure.

Peter Rost said...

There are many, many Novartis people on this board . . . I guess they mainly came to watch the AstraZeneca action . . . don't know if one of them is the NPRBW. But with Swiss efficiency and secrecy, that must be the case!


Anonymous said...

Never mind this Ovagunju guy. It's those others on the same board they need to worry about.Those are for real and they mean it. At least one or two of them. One is at the step before last and what we can tell it is not promising. So very soon the last step may have to be taken, where the "goods" go to the feds. If they say this ain't worth their effort which is very unlikely, this big pharam co would get of the hook. Will the legendary secrecy and efficiency fail to see reason and act?