Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Novartis Whistleblower - Pharmalot Joins to Cover Story

The Novartis Whistleblower Story breaks at around 6 p.m. today.

This story is a pretty big deal, so I decided yesterday that it would only get better if some of the best journalists got involved from the beginning. So I've been working with Ed Silverman from Pharmalot on this.

He does his thing, I do mine, but you should read both stories.

In the drug industry we call that "co-marketing;" promoting the same drug (story) using two different brand (blog) names. That's how the drug industry makes 1+1=3.

Ed told me that is kind of unusual in the media industry. So we're first. Sorry, Novartis, we're trying it out on you guys.

I should probably make the disclosure that I've mentioned Novartis as one of the few drug company stocks to buy, since they have a better pipeline than most, and that many very good people, whom I know personally, work there, not that this has ever impacted what I wrote.

I also note that Novartis has clearly been helped by the stories I've written about AstraZeneca, the "bucket of money" affair and the termination of sales director Mike Zubillaga.

But a story is a story, and I think Novartis may have screwed up royally this time around. I'm not saying who's right or wrong, the courts will decide that . . . but they still appear to have really messed up, no matter who's right.

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