Thursday, July 12, 2007

CafePharma: "Watch Sicko for free"

The movie Sicko keeps popping up on the Internet in full-length format, in what appears to be an organized effort to hurt revenues.

I don't think that this will work, because the free Internet access will simply result in more people watching the movie who'd never see it otherwise and may even drive more paying customers to the theaters.

The most recent site featuring a link to the full length version of Sicko is CafePharma. And if you do a search on that site using the right words, you too will find what innumerable drug company sales reps have already seen.

Here’s Michael Moore as quoted a few weeks ago:

“I don’t agree with the copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people,” said Moore when asked about pirating. “I make these books and movies and TV shows because I want things to change, so the more people that get to see them the better, so I’m happy when that happens. I think information and art, ideas should be shared.”

Now here’s Michael Moore as quoted more recently:

“Every filmmaker intends for his film to be seen on the big screen,” Moore said. “This wasn’t a guy taking a video camera into a theater. This was an inside job, a copy made from a high-quality master and could potentially impact the opening weekend boxoffice. Who do you think benefits from that?”

When asked about accusations that he may have leaked the film himself for publicity purposes, Moore scoffed at the notion:

“Oh no. The (Weinstein) brothers are devastated.”

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