Thursday, July 12, 2007

CNN v. Sicko


PharmaGuy said...

It's just sickening to listen to Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN try and put words in Michael Moore's mouth!

One case in point is when Gupta tries to accuse Moore of covering up that Cuba is #39 on the WHO's ranking of healthcare of countries vs. #37 for the US!

As Moore says, this was clearly visible in the movie -- so clear that I reported on it in my blog the day after i saw the movie ([URL=""]see my post here[/URL]).

Moore points out that when CNN aired the clip from the movie showing the WHO list, the CNN logo COVERED up the Cuba entry so that it would appear that this wasn't shown in the film!

Moore had a shot of the CNN screen to show during the interview, but CNN refused to air it. Moore could only ask people to use their TiVOs to replay it.

Gupta kept saying that Moore was cherry picking his facts because they did not correspond to the "facts" CNN used -- which BTW, Gupta had to admit were wrong in one case! In fact, Moore is using the latest data from the US government, whereas CNN is using older WHO data!

Despicable tactics! CNN and Gupta have absolutely no credibility with me!

Anonymous said...

Sanjay has a rebuttal on the cnn website. I tried to read the comment, and could not. Everything is layered and nothing could be read. Then I tried to post a comment of my own. That, too, was impossible. Finally, I decided to send an email directly to Sanjay, and it came back *undeliverable*.