Thursday, July 12, 2007

My new blog . . . courtesy of the Star-Ledger

The Old Media has realized that the New Media is taking over.

So what to do when you are being taken over? Change your business model and join the victors!

And so, more and more newspapers and magazines are looking at starting sites that would use the Huffington Post business model. You know; get well known or half-known people to write for free and then sell ads. Plus maybe add a couple of real journalists.

I know of a couple who media enterprises getting into this, who have spoken to me, and one in particular, who has asked me to write for them - the NJ Star-Ledger.

After all, what better way to compete with the Huffington Post than to pick up the only writer HuffPo couldn't stomach . . . (I hope this intro doesn't get me kicked out even before I started . . .)

The official start of the new site, which is called NJ Voices, is Sunday July 22, but the count-down has already started and now you know what's coming! And I think they're doing a quiet early start for those who know, so the site should be up and running.

And we've all been asked to start submitting entries. But don't worry, I won't go away from my own blog. I've learned my lesson . . . then again it is nice to have yet another venue from which to communicate.

Of course, it gives me immense joy that all those people who monitor me will have to monitor yet another site, so go here to read what some big companies pay for "them" to monitor:

As for my first post on my new soap box, what better way to start than to write about whistleblowers?

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