Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This blog is back to English. And Pfizer has done nothing wrong.

I know, it's been both Swedish and Portuguese the last few days.

But I promise, it will be back to English from now on forward.

Just as an explanation; overseas traffic to my blog the last few days has been amazing, and not everyone speaks English . . . so I'm just trying to respond to the demand!

In fact, the most important visitor so far has been "Regeringskansliet"

"Regeringskansliet" is the equivalent of the White House, in Sweden.

Sorry Pfizer, the government in Sweden, really, really, did listen to my Summer Show. I hear that you have already told the local press "Pfizer follows Swedish laws," and that you have done nothing wrong, so I wanted to make sure this was repeated right here.


Anonymous said...

Jag lyssnade just på ditt sommarprogram via podcast här i Sydney och ville bara säga TACK! Du har blivit min nya hjälte :-)

Anonymous said...

Skönt att höra en ärlig röst, tackar för ett bra sommarprogram!

några länkar för den som är intresserad:
http://www.zmag.org/ http://www.corpwatch.org/ http://www.fair.org/ http://democracynow.org

& några intressanta dokumentärer

ha det bra mvh kalle Msc. & löneslav på ett av de större läkemedelsbolagen