Sunday, July 15, 2007

"The Day" is looking to hear from Pfizer employees . . .

The following comment was made on my post "Pfizer waited SIX WEEKS to warn employees that CONFIDENTIAL DATA had been POSTED ON THE INTERNET!" . . . so I just wanted to make sure that all Pfizer employees knew whom to write:

"My name is Lee Howard, and I broke this story in The Day, a daily paper covering southeastern Connecticut. Anyone who wants to vent about the situation should feel free to e-mail me at"

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Anonymous said...

Pfizer waited six weeks to notify us via BULK mail. Interesting. Notifying present and past employees about the security breach....not so important.
Sending the field force crap like stickers, contest information or promo pieces via overnight fedex on a weekly if not daily basis .... apparently VERY important. Well, now we know where Pfizer stands on "respect for people".