Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are lawyers about to take over Big Pharma?

Sure looks like a trend . . . first Jeff Kindler became CEO of Pfizer.

Now Merck promoted its general counsel, Kenneth C. Frazier, to the second position of the company. He will be executive vice president and president, Global Human Health.

I think Big Pharma sees Big Problems on the horizon.

And since lots of litigation with billions of dollars are at stake, the general counsel is the guy who get to show his stuff.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the attorney Rose Ann Scanlon replaced Zubillaga...

Anonymous said...

Well the universe is unfoldng as it should. Now the mob-like business is getting the mob-like-type councillieri (maybe miss spelled )at the top of their food chain. Yes folks the standard god fathers are not qualified enough to handle the current and soon to come even larger troubles so they need the top of those you saw in The God Father.
One thing with BigPharma, they know how to adapt to any situation and come out as winners. Is the WBer Army the only entity standing between them and the rest of us? God help us if we can not do it ourselves. It is that serious folks. Believe it.