Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Art and cars. Or maybe Car Art.

A little while ago I went to New York to see some art exhibits. I didn't care to much for any of them, with one exception. A full size replica of the the Aston Martin DBS James Bond used to drive. Made out of cardboard. Price? Around $15,000.

Then there's the red Ferrari. Knitted by an art student. The knitting was hanged on a frame, created by this knitting student. Price? Priceless.


Anonymous said...

You quite like the "Say No To Crack" blog, don't you? Why not mention them?

Peter Rost said...

Yes, is a great blog!

I'm not sure if that's where the Ferrari came from . . . it has appeared on a few different blogs.

But wow, do you have some great pics!