Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's Quote: "Rost has broken more scoops on the drug biz this year . . . than the WSJ, the NYT, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune or any of those guys"

Usually I do some stupid quote from Cafe Pharma. But today we'll do a nice one, just because my narcissistic personality with messiah tendencies forces me to quote this from Brandweek:

"Last week, Peter Rost broke a nice scoop about how Novartis has allegedly submitted false data to the FDA to support its application for Tasigna. That application -- by amazing coincidence! -- has now been delayed while Novartis provides more information from the FDA."

"Lesson one, the scoop was broken on a blog, Peter Rost's, and not by the WSJ, the NYT, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune or any of those guys."

"Arguably, Rost has broken more scoops on the drug biz this year (AZ bucket of Money scandal, Pfizer Maraviroc scandal, Pfizer India scandal, and now this one) than any single reporter at any of those publications."


Anonymous said...

And you were going to quit blogging...

insider said...

Great job Peter.

Anonymous said...

The big ? is, why are the big boys not getting in on this and similar stories? Are these stories too small or insignificant for them? Are they afraid from these big pharmas for some reason or is it possible that they do not want to offend or do any harm to the bigpharma with stories that MSM and big pharma (business) hope may go away before the damage is done.
Of course they could not ignore the Enron et al for the stories got too big and too damaging to the economy, public and individuals that it could not possibly go away in case only the bloggers were on it. So the MSM got in.
Lets see what happens here. If no damage is done to Novartis and Mr. O's suit goes nowhere, I bet the MSM will not touch it. In case they smell the oposite outcome, just watch.
And they say we have a freedom of press. Actually yes they are free to ignore what they need or want to ignore. Remeber the reporting at the begining of Iraq tragedy?

Anonymous said...

Where is Peter Rost? Has he gone silent? We have not seen anything from him since this post from Tuesday. This is not like him. Does anyone know? Novartis maybe tough nut but they are not nuts to have done something that silenced our good doc.
Please quick explanation needed.