Friday, July 27, 2007


No, I'm not kidding.

I'm going to get paid for writing, with a monthly salary check.

My stories will appear on the web, initially. But it is a real magazine; you know, printed paper and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Or something in that range.

So, hey. Now I REALLY need your stories.

Stay tuned.

I'll tell you more next week.

And don't worry.

The things that aren't printable, I'll still print right here, on Question Authority.

So don't go away!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Peter. I wish you well.

Pharmalyst said...

Dr. Rost - Congratulations and wish you the best

Anonymous said...

The marketing of drugs prior to FDA approval seems to be standard practice at Pfizer....worldwide.

British Drug Industry Group Criticizes Pfizer

n a rare move, a trade group representing British pharmaceutical companies has publicly reprimanded Pfizer (news/quote), saying it promoted several medicines for unapproved uses and marketed another drug before it received government approval.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Congratulations!

PharmaGuy said...

I guess you're an "authority" now, seeing how you dropped that form your blog's title. See "Rost Now an Authority, Renames Blog"

All seriousness aside, congratulations!

soulful sepulcher said...

Excuse me for entering this arena, as a lowly blogger, but a loyal reader:

Good for you, and I bet there's many a blogger feeling jealous.Do you think you will receive less insider stories? Do you think this blog had an influence in gaining your new paycheck? as in an online resume'? Oh now I am off to read Mack's take on this, hmm.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in the cafe pharma site. Under the "retaliation" thread, if you respond to certain postings, you will get a message telling you they willl review your posting prior to placing it up.

Then -theres someone trying, and acurately linking the random postings to discover the number of WBers on the site.

Can the deep pockets of novartis possible have a way to watch, and actual KNOW?