Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tomorrow: The Novartis Whistleblower

The FDA is going to dig into this one . . . in fact, the story is so big I hope to get some colleagues who know better what they're doing than I do, to join me on this one.


Anonymous said...

In about 5 hours, it will be morning in Basel the world HQ of Novartis. One onders if they have any idea what this is all about. Are they planning any response, action or what ever. Are they having an all night meeting in their beautiful and luxurious HQ with the river they poluted some years ago running between what used to be Sandoz and Ciba HQs? Are they going to order pizza as our all-night-congressmen did while planning their side of action? One really has wo wonder if they will respond this time, break the silence and at least make some kind of comment if not admitance which is the least possible scenario. They never admit anything.
After the Pfizer's tragycomedy it will be interesting what the other No.1 big pharma have done.
Judging by what we heard from our good doc Rost, so far this one should also be a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Heard that Novartis has retained lawyer from the Enron case. This is BIG!

Anonymous said...

Most likely you heard right. They allready have a stable of top law firms on thier payrole worldwide. Additional specialists will be retained for those special occasions to make sure they win. We will see. For those who did not follow the case of Canadian Lord Conrad Black in Chicago; he too hired the top of the top lawyers, spent over 60 million in defence and got convincted on 4 counts out of 13 by very smart "working class", as some called them, jury.
The lord was sure he was untaouchable. Maybe in England or Canada but not in USA.
Lets see what happens.