Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Novartis bites the dust.

Waz up Novartis???

Have your people been on a national Swiss holiday or something?

I mean, it's been pretty normal visiting stats for a few day, but today you are all coming here . . . I usually have a pretty good stream of visitors, but today you guys are just storming my blog . . . shouldn't a few of you be working, or something, and not reading blogs?

Oh, you just discovered blogs, did you?

Funny thing, those bloggers.

They're all over the place.

Like sharks, smelling blood in the water.

And you shut one down ten more pop up.

It's not like newspapers. They shut themselves down. Or get sold to Rupert Murdoch.

But bloggers don't sell out. No big ad money, no pressure, no leverage for people like you.

This song is for you, Novartis. The Novartis Whistleblower story rocks on:


Anonymous said...

Novartians must be lining up. Some are just reps that got home as usually before 3pm others must be the usual suspects from their offices worldwide. Anyone from what they call Business Practices Office(r)? They have them both in EH and Basel.

soulful sepulcher said...

You have a stat you can post about it? I get some interesting stop overs myself, and I'm just a blogging mother.

Anonymous said...

Novartis has put together a brilliant marketing campaign to increase sales. The idea; to get kids on Ritalin through school psychologists and psychiatrists was pure genius. They came up with disorders; attention-deficit-disorder, mood-disorder, obsessive compulsive-disorder, anxiety-disorder, conversion-disorder, panic-disorder, phobic-disorder and on and on. All you have to do is hyphen disorder onto an emotion or a disability, whip up a drug to handle it and presto, the money pours in.
And now the other drug companies are copying Novartis.
The best thing is that these new clients as they get older will need more and more Ritalin, as it is basically an amphetamine and most will be on some form of it for the rest of their lives; thus insuring growth. And now I see that they are working on getting babies on it. Wow! Will the brilliance ever cease?
The outrageous allegations that Ritalin is a starter drug that creates addicts that then do street crime are just spurious charges done by people who are jealous of the money that Novartis and their investors make.