Friday, July 13, 2007

Pfizer's HIV division at boiling point?

A new blog, "Pfizer sales representative Bill of Rights," claims to have interviewed a Pfizer HIV sales division employee today. The following claims are made in the Bill of Rights post:

"Art Rodriquez and his former assistant have let it be known they are not being fired for their part in the maraviroc and Viracept false claims and illegal promotions."

"they are after bigger fish than me and Art"

"there are some compliance issues but I am free from any involvement because I didn't know what anyone was doing."


"Art Rodriquez has quietly let it be known to the district managers the FDA will be approving maraviroc before the end of July and the sales reps will be notified soon about launch plans."

"the whole Jane Roe deal and then the Pharmalot/Viracept deal has made us all a little suspicious of who we can trust and who might be singled out next."

Bill of Rights claims to have checked the person giving the information "with proof in the form of email directly from the Pfizer server."

I guess the future will tell if any of this is correct . . .


Anonymous said...

NEVER send anything from a company server.

Anonymous said...

It was just for proof of employment