Friday, July 13, 2007

Novartis sales reps HATE their Toyota Prius

Perhaps no one can blaim them . . . going green and thinking of others is not really the basic mentality of any hard-charging sales rep.

So when they were forced to go green and save gas . . . they responded . . . and responded . . . and complained . . . and complained. . . on CafePharma.

"Let your concerns be known to your management team AND the fleet department or you WILL be driving idiotic match boxes!!"

"I am piling EVERY damned piece of paper, samples and brochures into this damned golfcart, and even more when my District Monkey does a ride-along. Let him sit and two cases of samples in the front seat, and see how he likes it."

"Save the planet??? You gotta be kidding. The global warming/greenhouse gasses hoopla is the biggest hoax ever."

"Nice Car the only thing funnier is the piece of crap diovan"

"I've got the Prius and I hate it. People actually mock me as they drive by. I'm not thin skinned. I've just never seen such a reaction to a car before. It's a running joke between my teenage son and me now. He watches cars as they pass us and tells me "there's another one Dad, this one was smiling and shaking their head."

"Prius sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty Retarded In United States. Who wants a tuna can with wheels."

"It has been said that leaders lead by example......
I would suggest that all sales management trade in their company vehicles and drive a PRIUS !
Think that will happen ? Answer: NEVER in a MILLION YEARS !"

"Top 10 Reasons reps should drive a Prius
1. can back straight into sample closet due to size.
2. easy to get killed in one eliminating employees vs going through pip paperwork.
3. rep will be ashamed to drive as a personal car so business use only
4. cant do a sicko movie on fancy drug rep cars
5.remote control battery powered cars allow for extra hobby to play with cars in spare time.
6.large trunk space to put 2 sleeves of every product and that way saving the company money by not giving out as many samples.
7. car does not go over 25 mph so no speeding tickets will be given room in car to pick up lunches to carry to offices except for perhaps hamburgers in a small sack thus cutting back on lunch expenses.
9.Nice car to pick your speaker up in at the airport. He might have to hold some of his luggage in his lap though.
10. Makes a great golf cart if only it had a convertible top to open but we can't be too picky, can we!!"


Anonymous said...

District Monkey...I just broke a rib from laughing.....this is great stuff...look out Abbott is next ha ha ha ha

soulful sepulcher said...

1.pharma reps deserve to be uncomfortable
2.stop whining you make enough money off of innocent people selling off-label
3.who says you have to drive the car any ground to stand on left? take a stand and buy a fucking SUV and pimp the samples that way. do look like an idiotic bug on the road, be self-conscious.
6. hope the temperature is appropriate for storage and transportation of the medication and pens,notepads and toilet paper.

Rost--feel free to delete my comment if I've cross any terms and conditions.
What a great post, thanks for the laugh. I've gotta read cafepharma more often.

Anonymous said...

This business about Prius is not Novartis reps talk it is "American" drivers' talk. These jackasses know and want only the biggest and the meanest cars for themselves. Instead of being happy that they are driving such advanced cars, they are crying like babies and longing for the past. The era of your types of cars is over. Yes you all would like to drive the military issue Hummer, preferably with the machine gun on top of it. That is not going to happen and learn to live with it.
I am not a fan of big pharma and especially not of your company but if there are few things they did well it is to put you in small cars and started the trend. By the way it was your company who started other trends too: off label, bribes, payoffs, all expenses trips to far away places for key docs and so on. They got "exposed" for Rxing the Prius to you but still not for those other trends they started. Give us time.

Anonymous said...

Prius drivers, do not worry. The crashed car is not Prius it is either Toyota Camry or Corola. Those two R pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Any one who reads CP is pathetic. The worst people in the world post there and is a bastion of negativity. Poor reflection on the pharma industry and actually humanity.

soulful sepulcher said...

Too bad pharma and their employees aren't doing their jobs with humanity in mind. It's an industry built on the backs of innocent people, and until companies stop withholding data to sell a fucking product, then humanity suffers at the hands of those manufacturers, and anyone who pimps the drugs. Including reps, doctors and commercial advertisers. It's a shame there is a cafe pharma to read, because they really actually are a fine example of what is wrong here. Humanity does not exist in Pharma--don't cry me a river that they care and create lifesaving drugs.
Shredding data/evidence and withholding information that ended/s up selling many a product--take Zyprexa and Paxil for example--enough said. Too bad death and injury resulted from lying to make a fucking dollar.

Anonymous said...

To anonymass 7/14/2007; You get it all wrong, actually other-way-around. The people can never be "bad", "worse" or "ugly". The once on CP are just reflecting what big pharma have become. A predatory, take no prisoners, greedy, dispicable, $#&%#$,$$^%#@. @#@!, *&&^%$#, *&^$#$$, business to use some of the milder words due to "family" nature of this blog. There is no way they would be able to come up with such comments if the evironment in which they work (many long long hours with no overtime) and not play any more. I know I spent 30 plus years in the biz and only the first 20 were "normal". The end of normalcy came with the mergermania which in fact was murdermania that killed almost everything that was Ok in that biz. It still produces some good drugs that help our population but we pay a hughe price for it, especially in USA. If they were good as they claim they are, we would have all that at the fraction of the price and no need for CafePharma and maybe even this blog. I am sure the good doctor would not mind.
By the way, can anyone explain why Pfizer does not have a board on CF? The only explanation I have that they are either so good or so bad that there is no need to blog at CF. Doc do you no?
PS: It is interesting that all the pharma cos' boards on CF reflect the same sad & tragic conditions.

soulful sepulcher said...

wasnt it on cafe pharma where someone posted GSK was buying out pfizer in September?