Thursday, July 12, 2007

I had tears in my eyes after watching Sicko yesterday.

I knew what to expect, and I knew how bad things are in the U.S., yet, I was still touched and amazed.

The movie Sicko is simply brilliant.

One especially moving scene shows how a rich hospital dumps a disoriented patient who can't pay, still dressed in a hospital gown, in the gutter outside a mission.

The cab swinging by the curb, pushing her out, and her wandring back and forth is all caught by a security camera.


Anonymous said...

Take a doctor to see Sicko. I did just that this weekend. I have been married to a doctor and my son is dating one, so I have easy access to doctors. It is eye-opening. They know what is going on, but until recently, so they thought, *the paycheck is good*, better than anywhere else. Of course, they are not quite correct in that assumption. Most doctors in the U.S. are employees and fully *owned* by someone or something. And employees are easily replaced. Just look at the recently published numbers of, for example, how many physicians from India are practicing in the U.S. They do not own the building they are practicing in; they are renting. They do not practice medicine independently; HMO's and pharmaceutical companies, insurers are telling them this we will allow you to do, and that we will not allow you to do. Doctors learn increasingly sophisticated skills, but they can not apply them. Ask a doctor, and he/she will say, we have to practice defensive medicine because of Malpractice. Actually, they ALSO can not apply their skills because of the endless lists of exclusions Insurers have set up. Surgery is not approved, so the surgeon does not get to DO that surgery. Think about that, doctor!! So, doctors should see Sicko. I was happy to pay for some movie tickets and see the movie a few times for people who have incomes 10 to 20 times a multiple of mine. And, doctor, if and when you go, ALSO LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS THAT COME OUT OF THE PUBLIC during the movie. There was last Saturday evening a person in a wheelchair sitting behind us. The words and sounds coming out of that man should have been instructive to the doctor I took out for dinner and a movie that evening. Doctors, go see it, listen to the public, and discuss. God gave you a brain, but you have had it switched off for decades now. Turn it back on. Read, that same week you go to see Sicko, *Blink* by Malcolm Gladwell, ISBN 0-316-17232-4 and *Games People Play* by Eric Berne. I can not give the ISBN nr. Someone *borrowed* that book from me and will not give it back; it is very useful. Eric Berne also wrote *Transactional Analysis*. See, read, hear the cries of Americans, discuss. Open your eyes, doctor: you are NOT an independent businessman, not a healer, you are an employee of profitmaking conglomerates. You are labor, easily replaced. You do not own the building where you have your practice. You drive around all over town, but not to help and visit patients. You do so to maximize profits for others.

Anonymous said...

This is a wondeful comment. America how can something like this exist in the land of free? Things will not change till a lot of people stand up to the goverment, corporations and the rich and famous, your new aristoctracy. Never in the history of this or any planet a country had such big discrepancy between the haves and have nots. Only in Amarica nowdays and some of you have the nerve to claim how it is the "best country in the world". Nonsence. It is the best for those quite a few who are exploiting the rest of you and the rest of the world.
O can you can but you do not want to, due respect to those few who do.