Friday, July 13, 2007

Almost half the Big Pharma employees want reimportation of drugs!?

Ed Silverman over at Pharmalot has conducted an interesting survey.

He asked his readers if they were in favor of reimportation. And, let's face it. When you do a newsblog about the pharma industry, like Pharmlot, most of your readers will come from - the pharma industry.

In fact, a whopping 45% of Ed's readers voted in favor of legalized reimportation of drugs.

I'd say that's a pretty amazing number. Go and look for yourself. Here.

Of course, among the general public, about Eighty Percent of U.S. Adults Favor Allowing Importation of Prescription Drugs, per a September 15, 2006 Harris Poll.


Anonymous said...

Peter, take a look at the numbers. He had a whopping 46 people in the survey!!!!!!!! MAN ALIVE THAT IS A BIG SURVEY. He claims it is unscientific, but with an n=46 I think it definitely is reflective - of lack of readers.

Help me out, you were part of the industry when it went downhill right? You were a big wig at a big pharma, right? So in effect, you are part of the reason that pharma gets a bad name, right?

And did you use the word branding up in the article about yourself? So you aren't just Questioning Authority for the good of patients. You are actually playing to the antipharma crowd and branding yourself.

Peter Rost said...

I'm an author and more books are coming . . . being an author who actually sells books is all about branding.

When was the last time you bought a book by an unknown author you'd never heard of?

But, always fun to hear from a Pfizer lawyer!

Anonymous said...

sorry, not a lawyer. Not even with a drug company. Actually you are good at tracking IP addresses so you can see this is a rural midwest hospital.

Again though. Nice job drawing good conclusions from a 46 response survey. I hope your books have more insight than that.

Peter Rost said...

Um, non-Pfizer lawyer, did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed today?

I'd hate to lose you as a reader, but, I didn't do the survey, Ed Silverman did. I just had some fun with it and came to the opposite conclusion he did.

That was the whole point. Opening my readers eyes.

And I added a Harris poll with some real data . . . that should have made you happy!

No point getting all pouty and academic about it.

Let me ask you this, Anon, how many thousands of research papers have you seen with 46 patients or less in the "study"?

A few thousand, I guess, if you are associated with any hospital

I never claimed Ed had a great "study" I simply reevaluated his interpretation.

So, lighten up! Smile at the world and it will smile back at you!