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"The Whistleblower" on CNN/Headline News

I'll be on the Glenn Beck show on CNN/Headline News tonight, September 28, at 7 pm, 9pm and 12 midnight.

We'll talk about "The Whistleblower," and hopefully any interesting letter Pfizer sends off to the show to demonstrate how well they are "not monitoring" me.


Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Be careful. Beck is a rightwinger and probably someone who will attack you for daring to get in the way of the profits of Pharma.

Personally I think he rates about one notch above the bitch Nancy Graceless, but I'll tune in to see what happens.

Good luck with that and be prepared just in case he's anti whistleblower and pro big business and pro pharma.

Clinton showed what happened when someone tries to ambush you and he's reaping the profit of it while Wallace had his ass handed to him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter, look at the cafepharma thread about Walmart's four dollar generics.

Look at post #6 made by one of the Pfizer's reps.

As of today Walmart has been informed of this thread.

You need to discuss it tonight.
I posted the rebuttles to post #6 and I am a patient advocate.

Let me know how to reach you by private email or Live.

Please do not post this. This is FYI only, 0K?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's OK. I am glad it's posted.

Good luck tonight!

Please do mention Pfizer's attitude about Walmart and it's stubborn attitude about reducing prices and unwillingness to do business with hospital buying groups.

Again, be sure to visit the thread on Walmart's 4 dollar Drugs.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Anon, just came back from taping the show, sorry didn't get your message in time. May not make a difference, the interviewer is in control of questions and direction. Usually these are short 4 min segments. My email is among the links on the left bar of this blog! Feel free to write.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Ok it all happened this afternoon. I whistleblew to Walmart regarding Pfizer's ill comments about their customers and generic program. I called their Headquarters. See the CafePharma site on the 30 day $4 generics. Look for post 6 and scroll down.
I made the rebuttles and then called Walmart.

I need to remain anonymous for a while. However, I am trying to organize a group to protest in front of Pfizer Headquarters. Would you like to help?

You were great on the Glenn Brock show. He needs to have you again for a longer segment.
So much to tell ---so little time.

Keep pushing. Sometimes a Legacy like yours does a great justice to Society.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I saw you as well! Ha! good segment, but too short. I especially liked the idea that the U.S. is a "socialist" country!;)I have said THAT myself earlier. It is that way, because everything is centrally regulated and ruled. However, there are a few fine differences, in that the socialist benefits are only for certain, specific groups. If you fall outside the predetermined box, then, good luck! The beneficiaries of this "socialist" system are the very rich, and certain specifically identified and approved groups of persons. For example, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS do not even have to apply for Medicaid; they get it automatically. On the other hand, if you are an American, by birth or naturalization, or a LEGAL immigrant, then....too bad... nothing for you, unless you have worked for at least ten years and paid in, and Social Security has not lost your PEBES. You have to keep ALL you paystubs religiously, and all your taxreturns, and preferably also all your cash receipts!
ALSO, ALL NEWS IS...LOCAL...U.S. MOSTLY. That was especially the case before the blessings of the Internet. With all the emphasis on business: the business of the U.S. is business, the published idea that there are (economic and other) limits to growth in a closed environment has, surprisingly, not quite caught on, not even today. Certain groups and quotas are used to keep students out of graduate schools, a.o. Med Schools, and then a vacuum is created (scarcity) and physicians have to be "imported" from elsewhere, as well as other medical workers. No matter how many times I place comments on blogs that the current medical insurance crisis creates a drag on the economy, because of whole groups of persons being permanently kept out of employment and the marketplace, not one person appears to catch that that idea has merit. At least, I see no comment. If insurers want to cash in premiums and not pay out on policies, they eliminate "risks", and in this country that is "legal". Such persons are then permanently pushed into welfare, and receiving transfer payments and *FREE* medical care. That is NOT free. It costs everyone (tax)money, as well as prorating on everyone's private bills. Not being able to afford necessary medications also pushes persons first out of house and home and then unto the welfare rolls. But, see above, some are not eligible. And nurses in California have even noted patients being admitted and then having to be discharged before treatment, because the "insurance" company changes its *mind*. Often the patient then dies!! And that can cause even more persons to go on welfare, if the dead person was a bread winner, or, if he keeps on living, his illness may progress to catastophic. Penny wise, pound foolish and (christian) empathy? Forget it! Oh, well. Some of the "socialist countries of Western Europe" those of the "old and passe Europe" have now passed the U.S., which is in sixth place position, after them. Sorry, Rummy!
They showed only a short segment on the tube tonight, and there is nothing, yet, on the website. I want to see more, and more discussions, on the tube, you, Peter Rost, and an international panel.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

I'm listening.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great interview Peter. I and some of my colleagues wish that you had more time to elaborate on some of the stories regarding the cheerleader reps to give some real validity to the complaints. There are alot of stories and I have a few to tell. Maybe your next book?

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Interview was WAAAY to short. Not surprising but you got some airtime.

NOW we need you on Lou Dobbs for an extended interview.


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