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Sudden Pfizer Silence

After having hounded me at every public appearance, with a letter to U.S. Congress, another one to U.S. Senate, (all of this described in my book The Whistleblower) and letters to television stations and radio stations where I was going to appear, Pfizer suddenly went silent three days ago.

This happened after I joyfully thanked Pfizer for their most recent letter to the Leonard Lopate Show, in my post I have three more radio interviews coming up this week.

After all, conflict is something they love in the media, and Pfizer following me around trying to argue with me already before I go on the shows, has been very helpful. That's the reason they gave me a flak jacket in congress, in front of rolling television cameras. So Pfizer has given me some great photo-ops.

But I guess I shouldn't have thanked Pfizer, because suddenly they went quiet.

I've had three more radio show and not a peep from Pfizer. Unless you count the crazy guy who called in and started yelling, yesterday on Bob Brinker on Moneytalk. (Moneytalk is heard on New York's number one talk station, WABC (770AM), from from 6:15pm-6:50pm EST and the show is broadcast around the country, see here.) Anyway, he might have worked for Pfizer, but we simply don't know that. The station had to cut him off when he refused to allow me to reply.

All in all a fun weekend with lots of action. I just missed the "Peter Rost Letters" from Pfizer. I felt kind of lonely without a single attack from Pfizer.

Oh well, maybe the Pfizer PR people don't want to work weekends. I'm sure they'll be back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Oscar Wilde who said that the only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about!

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Shhhhhhhh!! Pfizer is reading this blog. They may actually learn something. Don't say that loud!
Anyway, all kidding aside, I'm not too worried. Pfizer has a law firm which simply can't stop itself from making noise, so we should have plenty more fun to write about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter, personally, I would not miss the "corrective letters" which precede your media appearances. You have sufficient material and experience to go to work with without their distraction. My hope is that many within Pfizer have come to realize that there is far too much "antigen" within the organization and not enough "complement". In a few moments, I will begin seeing patients for the day. Sadly though, some of the therapies which I will prescribe will be unaffordable and others which could come forward through development will be delayed or discarded because of the decision to commit orgiastic sums of money to sales and marketing expense. My practice and patients does not benefit from another representative coming through the door with the intent of increasing "share of voice". The benefit will arrive via innovative drugs that provide significant benefits versus current therapies at reasonable prices. All the best to you.


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