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American's Ain't Stupid (except for 9%)

I should have picked up on this story. PharmaGossip did. But since it is right up my alley I can't not write about it.

"Most Americans Support Legalizing Drug Imports From Canada, Poll Finds"

According to the Wall Street Journal.

Here's the scoop.

"Two-thirds of Americans strongly believe a law prohibiting pharmaceutical imports from Canada and other countries is intended to protect drug-company profits and only 9% feel strongly that it helps protect Americans from potentially harmful drugs, a Interactive polls shows."

That means only 9% of Americans are really stupid. That is good news! Sometimes when you deal with the rest of the world, especially government, you feel the percentage is higher.

The online poll also shows 80% of Americans favor allowing people to import prescription drugs from Canada and other countries if they are much less expensive there.

But is this happening? Of course not. Most of our pols down in D.C. are bought and paid for.

Because if they cared about what people felt, they'd do something. Which they don't. "84% of those surveyed said they agree with making it legal to import drugs from Canada if they are approved and vetted by that country's drug regulatory agency, Health Canada, compared with 9% who disagree.

Again, it is a win-win for every politician. Only 9% of Americans (the stupid ones) don't like the idea.

And, there is more, according to the WSJ, the percentage of Americans who report having purchased drugs from a foreign country is now 11% and that percentage has apparently doubled since 2002.


Anonymous Annelolotte said...

Your blog is excellent. Thanks for speaking up about these issues!

I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to your London blog party, but I look forward to reading all about it soon. And I hope I'll make it next time.

Blogger MsMelody said...

If we can find a way to import drugs . . . maybe we'll be able to find a way to import CURES. A new article (09/05/06) by James P. Kelley, titled "Stem Cell Politics: Divide and Conquer" alludes to the fact that CURES do not serve the best interests of the Establishment (politicians, business, MONEY).

The story can be seen at

The most "telling" summary graph is this:

"The discovery that adult stem cells and cord blood are nature's design for cell replacement and organ repair presented a major dilemma for science. These cells, especially cord blood, offer far more accessible medical benefits than embryonic cells, but present fewer opportunities for research patents, biotech growth, and pharmaceutical profits. Research-related industries could choose to pursue patents, knowledge, and profits, or foreseeable treatments and cures--but not both."

Hmmmmmm? Potential cures vs. profits? Which do YOU think will come out on top. Cures for such devastating diseases as ALS, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Alzheimers will, I am sure, have to be IMPORTED if they are ever to benefit the U.S. health consumer.


Blogger Peter Rost said...


Ce terrible! Vous et sur??? Jai visite votre blog, "AnneLolotte et ses sextoys"

Es'qu ce possible pour vous a visite apres, a Lundi???

OK, anyone who speaks French will realize this was really awful French. But the fact that that AnneLoLotte CAN't make it is a major loss!

Blogger Moogirl said...

Even bad French is better than no French at all!

Blogger shooter45 said...

I don't know, Moo. The French have a prissy way of talking like they really want to spit in your face, but mask it in a not-so-subtle sarcasm, that makes you want to kill them on the spot.

Lord! Moo, what you've done to me.........


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