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Moogirl is Officially Attending the Party!

As most of you know, we have a Global Blog Party on Sunday. And I just got confirmation that Moogirl is attending. But she'll be a bit late, due to a photo shoot. That is her to the left.

I know, I know, what you think. I did NOT pick up the image from the web. I've got independent verification that she did NOT submit someone else's picture. And I'm NOT kidding this time. And I also got confirmation that when she speaks about going on "a photo shoot" she was not making that up. I can't say more because I'm sworn to silence.

So, Shooter, now is the time for your heart attack.

Now, I want pictures from EVERYONE else who is coming. E-mail to me at rostpeter (insert@) I will only display your photo and stage name.

And, I also have bad news. We've had one cancellation. We added Paris as one of the sites for this global blog party; Catherine, who writes the blog Petite Anglaise, (she's the fabulous one in the small picture), helped me do that.

But I just got a message from AnneLolotte, one of Catherine's readers, on this post, and she said... Your blog is excellent. Thanks for speaking up about these issues! I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to your London blog party, but I look forward to reading all about it soon. And I hope I'll make it next time.

The reason I'm disappointed is that AnneLolotte writes a provocative, tounge-in-cheek French blog called AnneLolotte et ses sextoys. You may not understand French, but you will understand the images on her site.

Je suis tres, tres desoles, AnneLolotte!

Please come later, just for you, we will now extend the blog party to LAST 48 HOURS!! So until Monday, midnight in Paris.

WayneAnd I also just got confirmation from the "Friendly Curmudgeon," who is a left leaning physician with a sense of humour and a strong appreciation of the outdoors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moogirl. I just have one comment. Awsome photo.

Peter, your blog was great and is getting better by the day!

Can't wait for the party!

Blogger Argon said...

Whoa! And again Whoa! That's certainly some pic! It's a good thing you're a doctor then since you can get out the defibulator for those heart attacks.

Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff planned for the party

An Angel's Destiny

Argon's Awareness

Anonymous Annelolotte said...

Peter, seriously, how could I send you a picture better than the little movy you've inserted next to my name! Very sexy yet chic indeed : )
I'm glad you just managed to capture my spirit so well!

Blogger Moogirl said...

Thanks Anon :>

Glad to see the Curmudgeon will be there, he's a hoot!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Et moi, je suis plus desolee que vous, Mr le docteur! What is with those wriggling, antsy, females? Someone must have "rubbed them" the wrong way, and with sharp red peppers, those little ones, which they call tjabi rawit in Indonesia. For crying out loud! Are we going to have a porn site here? If so, I am out! In any case, someone get those "women" a doctor, STAT! It looks critical!

Blogger Moogirl said...

"wriggling, antsy, females"??? I must have missed them...

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Actually the wriggly antsy females are part of a U.S. advertising campaign for Victoria's Secret, going on every evening, prime time. So if prude U.S. television can show them, I feel comfortable. Nope, we don't do nudity on this site. Oh well, just a tiny bit. Like when I showed mens' butts.


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